Trapcode Particular 3.1 Red Giant

Trapcode Particular 3.1


Create organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics elements and more


GPU-Accelerated (NEW)
Get fast feedback with Trapcode Particular’s new GPU Acceleration through OpenGL.
Depending on your system and setup, you could see speed boosts of up to 4X or more over
previous versions.

3D Camera and Lights
Particular uses After Effects’ 3D Camera and Lights so you can fully integrate your particle
Effects with your motion graphics and live-action vfx shots.

Designer (NEW)
Creating particle effects is easier than ever before, in the newly overhauled Designer. Add
adjustable blocks with preset behaviors and styles for emitters, particles, physics and aux
particles. Or add complete, customizable particle effects with a single click.

The designer gives instant visual feedback, making the building and previewing of effects an intuitive and creative experience. New in Particular 3, the Designer respects the AE comp size, bringing in the composition and camera info. Preview your particle layout with camera and emitter position controls.

Multiple Systems (NEW)
For the first time ever, explore endless creative possibilities when you combine multiple particle systems in the same 3D space. Create beautiful, complex effects through the interaction of different systems, all within one instance of Particular. Emitters in Multi-system setups can share parameter settings (such as turbulence, gravity and more), and can be saved as a single preset.

OBJs as Emitters (NEW)
Give your particle systems a new dimension by using 3D models and animated OBJ sequences as particle emitters. For added flexibility, you can choose to emit particles from the vertices, edges, faces or volume of your OBJ file. Choose from Particular’s library of over 60 OBJs, or easily load your own models using the new OBJ Loading Panel directly in After Effects or within the Designer.

Sprites and Polygons (NEW)
Use any image in your composition as a particle by assigning it to a 2D sprite or textured
polygon. Particular 3 now includes over 270 still and animated sprite images, easily loaded
directly within After Effects or in the Designer via the new Sprite Loading Panel.

Lighting and Shadows
Shade all particle types from lights in After Effects. Shading can emulate light falloff, and
Shadowlet rendering can cast shadows on both main and aux particles.

Bounce and Physics
Move particles organically through the air, or bounce off of other layers, with Particular’s physics engine. Includes wind, gravity, turbulence controls and more for simulating complex, realistic motion.

Aux System (NEW)
Spawn new child particles through Particular’s Aux system. Create organic trails and branching, or build splashes after a bounce. Particular 3’s updated Aux system now includes the ability to add custom particles for even more variation, as well as keyframable parameters for more control.

300+ Presets (NEW)
Hit the ground running with over 300 fully-customizable Designer presets. Particular 3 includes
over 210 new presets that show off powerful features like multiple systems, OBJ emitters and
more. Explore the library to find beautifully designed effects for creating fire, spaceflight,
fireworks, muzzle flashes, explosions, smoke and more. Save your own presets, and share
them across your facility.

Reflection Maps
Create dynamic color changes in your textured polygon particles by using layer as a reflection
map. Add glints to particles as they rotate in 3D.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects

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