TrackX - Powered by Mocha for Final Cut Pro X CoreMelt

TrackX - Powered by Mocha for Final Cut Pro X


The Planar Tracking Plug-in for Final Cut Pro X

TrackX introduces professional motion tracking to Final Cut editors. Track graphics to camera movement OR replace cell phone and monitor screens directly within the Final Cut timeline.

No export required, no external apps necessary! Perfect for pre-visualization of effects, creative editorial or finishing.  


TrackX Includes three plug-ins:

Simple Tracker: simple & instant tracking. Perfect for quick text or graphics following a person or object.

Track Layer: advanced tracking with perspective shifts, surface mapping and masking capabilities for screen inserts and logo replacements.

Track Text: includes a text generator to track text with perspective and masking capabilities. 

TrackX is powered with mocha's Academy Award winning planar tracking engine and can easily handle the most difficult camera motion and tracking challenges. 

"To have this much mocha planar tracking power without ever leaving Final Cut is mind blowing!" - Ben Balser,


Host Applications:
Apple Final Cut Pro X

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Final Cut Pro X

AV3 Price : $99.00

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