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Source-Zip solves a specific problem: you need to send your audio session to another location, but you don't have the time or bandwidth it takes to send such a large file.

Got a 2GB audio session? Zip it down to 200MB. Save 90% of your bandwidth and time, and just double-click to unzip back to full size.



As an example here we have zipped an audio files folder of exactly 1,000MB (1,048,463,501 bytes). From the table below, it's clear that you can save significant transfer and storage resources.

Setting  Size Reduction % Transfer time
Original  1,000 MB - 1 hour, 30 minutes
Small 105.5 MB 10 % 10 minutes
Medium 131.2 MB 13 % 12 minutes
Large 157.2 MB 16 % 14 minutes
Lossless 555.2 MB 55 %  50 minutes

The time to Source-Zip the folder of 1,000MB took around 1.5 minutes on a MacBook Pro.
The transfer time assumes an upload speed of 1.5MB per second (T1).

Until now, you couldn't just zip audio files using the zip software that is built into your computer, because audio files contain complex data that does not respond to standard 'zip' compression. If you compress WAV or AIFF audio files using other compression software you'll lose all meta-data that is required by your audio program to quickly re-open sessions and start working. Source-Zip allows you to easily take all of your audio files in your session folder, zip them into a much smaller size using either the latest in MP4 compression technology or Apple's Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC), and then easily unzip them without requiring Source-Zip on the other computer by way of Source-Unzip, a self-extracting file.

Source-Zip allows you to compress your audio session and all its accompanying files for quick and easy transfer over the internet. Source-zip creates a self-extracting file that you can email or ftp to someone quickly, and once unzipped it recreates your session files exactly as they were - including audio meta-data that applications like Pro Tools need to recognize the files, and any other files that were zipped along with your audio. 

How does Source Zip work?


Drag your session folder containing the audio files you want zipped onto Source-Zip. You can drag it onto the window, or onto the icon in the Finder or in the Dock.


Choose the level of compression want. The smaller the compression the more quality you lose, but it's faster to transfer on the internet. Choose Lossless if you don't want any loss of quality whatsoever.


Now Zip It! Source-Zip will compress all your audio files and create a self-extracting file using the smallest possible compression for all other files.


Email, FTP or otherwise send the Source-Unzip file to whereever you want. They don't need a license to unzip your session and you can send it to as many people as you wish.


To recreate your session on another computer, just double-click to run. Source-Unzip will recreate an exact replica of your session folder and restore the audio files to their original format. If you use Lossless compression it would be exactly as if you had transferred your original session.

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System Requirements:

Source-Zip supports sample rates up to 192khz.
Source-Zip currently supports Mac OSX 10.4.11, 10.5 and 10.6, Mac Intel and PPC. Source-Unzip is compatible with any of these systems. For example, if you make Source-Unzip on 10.6 you can send it to someone running 10.5.

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