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 Sound Trax provides a solution to a long-standing desire amongst MAX users - integrated multi-track audio.


Only with Sound Trax can you:
- Add up to 100 audio tracks
- Animate the volume of each track
- Normalize the output audio
- Support PCM and compressed audio in AVI and WAV files with up to 6 output channels
- Backwards Playback (“Ping Pong” mode)
- Export audio to a WAV file or add it to an existing AVI
- Accurately play back audio at 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 4 times speed to match viewport play rate
- Render audio to match playback speed
- Manage multiple sound effect directories
- Support audio playback during motion capture
- Use a greatly improved audio interface (including 4 fixes to 3ds max audio bugs)
- Extend MaxScript Support with 46 scriptable audio commands
- MAX 9 (win32 and x64) support (new with Version 1.31)
Multi-track audio editing directly within MAX
Extensive audio playback and rendering controls
Sound Trax is used by many well known game and feature animation houses.  Here is just a sample of what they've got to say.
 “Sound Trax fills a need in our workflow that no other product does. It gives our animators the flexibility to adjust audio timing to perfection during the animation phase - giving our animators increased creativity and productivity."
- Jason Greenberg, Neversoft Entertainment
 “Timing of sound and animation and the ability to tweak this over and over is essential to good animation.  Sound Trax is the tool to do this with.”
- Kees Rijnen, Bioware Inc.


Host Applications:
3Ds Max

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:
Intel Pentium II (Pentium IV for MAX9) or AMD Athlon (or higher)
DirectX 7.0 or greater

AV3 Price : $250.00

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