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AfterBurn 4.0 is the de facto standard when it comes to creating volumetric particle effects for 3ds Max and will unleash your imagination in ways you never imagined. AfterBurn's pedigree is unquestionable: it has been production-proven in many amazing cinematic events such as Armageddon, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, The Matrix Reloaded and various IMAX films. It has also been an essential tool for a number of hit computer games such as Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy X, Sin, Mechwarrior 3, Hellgate: London and many others. So it's no wonder that AfterBurn 4.0 is chosen by graphics professionals when they need superior output and solid technology.


This robust solution gives you the ability to render many photorealistic effects ranging from clouds, pyroclastic smoke and dust, to superb explosions, liquid metals, water and various procedurally defined solid objects (HyperSolids). You also get loads of example files and presets to help you become productive quickly.

Every detail has been addressed within AfterBurn 4.0. Specialized Daemons give you the power to create wind that can move even the smallest wisp of smoke in any desired direction. Some of these Daemons will even allow you to drill holes through your volumetric clouds!

Afterburn gives you precise control over animation effects, including animated Bezier keys for your Animation Flow Curves and TCB interpolation for your gradients. You also have the ability to interpolate based on between particle age, velocity, distance from the emitter or distance from any object. You can even render out your volumetrics using G-Buffer channels and apply glows or other post processes to your AfterBurn effects selectively. Powerful controls such as these give you the ability to create truly some astonishing animations.

AfterBurn 4.0 also includes a special shader called the Octane Shader; an insanely fast renderer designed specifically to handle thin smoke and similar effects that do not require full 3D shading.

For existing users, look at what has been added to AfterBurn 4.0:

    * New AfterBurn Shadow Maps bring great speed improvement without significant shadow quality loss. The rendering speed for dynamic scenes can be over five times faster than Raytraced Shadows in AfterBurn 3.2 and up to ten times faster for static cloud animations
    * AfterBurn no longer needs a special type of shadows to be able to calculate self-shadowing effect as it supports the standard light 'Atmosphere Shadows' option
    * FusionWorks support. AfterBurn will properly blend with FumeFX, ScatterVL Pro and Standard 3ds max Fog. FusionWorks support also sends output to FusionWorks Z-Depth Render Element as well as output to non-clamped colors, used in .exr, or .hdr file formats
    * AFC View is a new workflow improvement that allows users to edit all AFCs and Gradients from one place
    * Geometry Clipping option enables you to prevent particles that are contained inside geometry from rendering outside of it
    * Completely reworked built-in noise types are now act as a plug-in for AfterBurn that can be developed by 3rd parties. The new 3D Texture Map allows users to use 3ds max 3D Maps as noise generators inside AfterBurn
    * AfterBurn Daemons user interface is now displayed directly inside AfterBurn UI
    * New cebas ThinkingParticles 3 controller that allows TP’s channels to replace AfterBurn values
    * New MaxScript functionality


Host Applications:
3Ds Max

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Host Application:    3ds max
Host Version:    Max 9 -> 2010
Operating System:    Windows

AV3 Price : $495.00


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