Sapphire Unit: Stylize Boris FX

Sapphire Unit: Stylize


Build color grades, damage looks, and other high-quality video treatments with the Sapphire Stylize Unit.


Highlighted Effects include:

FilmEffect - Make your video footage look like it was shot on film with realistic film exposure and processing looks.

FilmDamage - Give your video a nostalgic archival film look by adding many different damage elements.

TVDamage - Give your video a retro television look by applying a variety of transmission issues.

DigitalDamage - Add a glitchy, digital transmission error look to your videos.

ScanLines - Add a scan line pattern to your video to create a retro TV look.

BleachBypass - Simulate a film processing technique in which silver is not removed from the negative.

StripSlide - Cut your video into strips that slide off the screen to reveal a background image.

RomanTile - Add a slate textured mosaic overlay of hexagons or squares to your footage.

Brush - Transform your video footage into a stylish hand-painted work of art.

MuzzleFlash - Accurately simulate the flash and smoke of a variety of different caliber guns.

VintageColor2Strip - Simulate the warm vintage two-strip film process from the 1920s.

VintageColor3Strip - Simulate the color 3-strip film process from 1935 through 1955.

Grain - Add colored or black and white grain to give your video a shot-on-film look.

EdgeDetect - Create looks like chalk outlines, cartoons, or even neon lights.

Vignette - Adjust the border areas of your video to create a vignette effect.


Host Applications:
The Foundry Nuke

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Works with Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Nuke and other supported OFX hosts with the exception of Baselight and Resolve for Linux

AV3 Price : $395.00


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