Reference 2.1 - Blu-Ray Codec Bundle Main Concept

Reference 2.1 - Blu-Ray Codec Bundle


Creating Blu-ray Disc compliant streams is one of the major tasks that are expected from a transcoder software. Using the new MainConcept Blu-ray Codec Bundle allows users to generate H.264/AVC video and Dolby Digital Professional audio streams, that are compliant with the Blu-ray standard.

H.264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding), also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, is one of the mandatory video codec formats for Blu-ray Disc creation. It offers amazing quality while needing as little as half the bitrate and file size than MPEG-2. MainConcept Reference Blu-ray Codec Bundle supports all standard and advanced features of the H.264 specifications including Baseline, Main and High Profiles as well as CABAC and CAVLC.

The Codec Plug-In includes a powerful capture engine* that allows you to capture from camcorders, webcams, etc. in their native or another format if available. Besides the Blu-ray Disc H.264/AVC standard, Reference Blu-ray Codec Bundle supports the following formats:

    * AVCHD

    * Adobe Flash F4V

    * Sony PSP

    * Apple iPod

    * 3GP for Mobile Devices

As audio format, Blu-ray Codec Bundle includes Dolby Digital Professional. Also known as AC-3, it is the worldwide standard for Blu-ray Disc creation. Dolby Digital Professional delivers unrivaled audio in home theater systems for an exciting, enveloping surround sound experience. Dolby's surround sound technology that delivers high-quality digital audio for up to 5.1 discrete channels (L/C/R/LS/RS/ LFE), offering a wide range of parameters for optimizing your AC-3 streams, such as more coding modes and a wider range of supported bitrates.

Many powerful audio and video filters, such as color correction, timecode insertion, audio normalization, etc. make Reference 2.0 the perfect transcoding tool for every Blu-ray Disc production environment that requires professional quality and performance.

*Capturing is only available in Reference for Windows.

Base Application required

The full license codec Plug-In provides unrestricted H.264/Dolby Blu-ray support. When purchasing the full license Plug-In, you will receive a serial number to unlock the appropriate codec in the free MainConcept Reference 2 base application. The base application must be installed on your system.


    * Easy creation of streams that are compliant with the H.264 Blu-ray Disc standard.

    * No other encoder offers so many H.264/AVC advanced settings for optimizing the streams' picture quality.

    * Create suitable encoder settings with Reference that can also be used in the renowned MainConcept Codec SDK – a cost effective approach to define ready-to-use presets in your own solutions

    * Numerous ready-to-use presets for the most important devices and formats currently on the market.

    * H.264/AVC is the most suitable video format for streaming media content over a network in highest quality.

    * Up to 5.1 level Baseline, Main and High profiles.

    * Available Bitrates: up to 20 Mbps.

    * I, P, B slices. One picture can comprise slices of one type only. Pyramid structure is enabled.

    * Resolution: Up to 5.1 Level restriction (36864 macroblocks).

    * Chroma Format: 4:2:0.

    * Intra modes: 16x16 and 4x4 for luma, 8x8 for chroma.

    * Inter modes: 16x16, 16x8, 8x16, 8x8, the Skip mode for P- and B-frames, Spatial Direct mode for B-frames.

    * CABAC/CAVLC according to profiles restriction.

    * Multi-reference Inter Prediction.

    * In-loop (deblocking filter).

    * Interlace support: Up to 5.1 level Baseline, Main and High Profiles.

    * Multi-pass encoding.

    * Capturing from many different devices in their native format and H.264/AVC (Windows only).

    * Subtitle support.

    * Useful Watch Folder and Batch List Encoding features.

    * Configurable preset shortcuts for quick access to often used transcoding profiles.

    * Many powerful video and audio filters for different production environments and occasions.

    * Improved user Interface for better handling and managing of transcoding jobs and projects.

    * New advanced Video/Audio Encoder and Multiplexer Settings dialogs with many useful options for optimizing your footage.

    * Powerful command-line interface allows preset based transcoding jobs in a convenient way, e.g. on a server (including capturing support).

    * Direct access to import modules when opening streams for transcoding.

Audio: collapse

    * Dolby Digital Professional (AC-3)

    * AAC

    * PCM Audio

    * Multi-channel audio support

Stream Type: collapse

    * MPEG-2 PS/TS

    * H.264/AVC ES

    * MP4

    * 3GP


Host Applications:
Stand alone

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

To use MainConcept Reference 2, you'll need to make sure that your computer system meets at least these minimum requirements:

Operating systems:

    * Microsoft® Windows® 7, XP, Vista and 2000
      (we recommend to install always the current Service Pack for the used operating system), Microsoft®  DirectX 9.0®.

Before you start to install the new version of MainConcept Reference 2.1, please uninstall the current one. Additionally, make sure that no other MainConcept program is running during uninstallation or installation.

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