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Primatte Chromakey 3.0 is a powerful Photoshop masking tool for blue/greenscreen photography. Take a foreground image of any resolution, shot against a single color, and replace that single color with transparent pixels. Then preview and composite in any custom new background, or use the masked image within other compositions. New in version 3.0: An auto-mask button that removes your color screen with a single click! Primatte 3.0 also has tools to remove any background color cast, or Œspill¹, that reflected onto the subject during your photography session, and preserves important, semi-transparent details in your image, like wisps of hair, smoke, glass, and water. Primatte for Photoshop puts the technology commonly used for film and television special effects in the hands of photographers and photo studios. Backdrop Designer is an entirely new way of creating professional quality backgrounds for portraiture, products shots, corporate presentations, and other commercial work. This Photoshop plugin ships with over 900 premade textures that simulate muslin drapes, the physical backdrop traditionally used in studios. Choose a texture, then cast a shadow of material folds or light simulation. Combine and modify the presets to create 1000¹s of unique original backdrops, then save your customized backdrops for future projects. Your digital backgrounds are resolution-independent, so they can be rendered at any size to match the detail of a photograph with no loss of quality. With Backdrop Designer, you will simplify your workflow while eliminating the cost of multiple backdrops. Texture Anarchy is a sophisticated set of three plug-ins that create beautiful procedural textures and borders. These tools allow you to generate a massive variety of scalable textures in Photoshop have no limits on size, resolution, or complexity. Texture Anarchy is basically a texture laboratory, giving you 38 different noise types that can be layered on top of each other and combined in any way imaginable. Work with a starting point of hundreds of premade textures that range from organic and naturalistic, to surreal and abstract. Then add depth, color and variety to your texture by applying lights, gradients, blend modes, and opacity controls. Apply your texture as a design background; create seamless tiles for use in 3D programs; or add interesting edges to your images. The only limit to what you can create with Texture Anarchy is your imagination.


Host Applications:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

•Mac 10.4, 10.5 •NOT Mac 10.3 •Win 2000, XP Home, XP Pro •Vista 32-bit, 64-bit

AV3 Price : $499.00


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