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Digital Film Tools Ozone for Aperture


Ozone is a unique filter that allows photographers, designers, and artists to manipulate the color of an image with incredible flexibility and accuracy. Inspired by Ansel Adams's Zone System for still photography, Digital Film Tools has created "The Digital Zone System." To reproduce the infinite palette of colors, tones, and brightness of the world around us, the Digital Zone System takes the spectrum of image values and divides them into 11 discrete zones. With Ozone, the color and brightness of each zone can be independently adjusted until you've painted a new picture. All zones can be adjusted and viewed in context, and you don't have to commit to the adjustments until all zones are corrected.


Zone Breakdown

Ozone - Grey Scale Zones

Ozone Zones


Ozone User Interface

Digital Film Tools Ozone User Interface


Host Applications:
Apple Aperture

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Apple Aperture 2.1 and up
Macintosh Multicore Intel® processor
Mac OSX 10.5.x - OSX 10.6.x
1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution

AV3 Price : $50.00

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