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MainConcept MovieExport Broadcast


MainConcept MovieExport Broadcast is a versatile encoding plug-in on Mac OS X for many popular editing applications, such as Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, iMovie, etc. The new preset-based plug-in will improve the workflow for users on Mac OS X, allowing them to export their projects using the high-quality MainConcept codecs, that are already known from the powerful Reference transcoder and can also be found in many video-editing applications. MovieExport Broadcast offers renowned presets for Blu-ray Disc, the whole Sony XDCAM portfolio, Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra and DVCPRO, Adobe Flash F4V, Apple iPod, Sony PSP, AVCHD, JPEG200 DCI, and many more predefined presets that are used throughout the professional broadcast market. Simply choose the desired preset and start exporting your project in amazing quality and speed.

MainConcept MovieExport uses a quite unusual approach for selecting the preset format for exporting your projects. The base of the preset selection is the file format and container format, resp. So you do not choose the codec (e.g. MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, etc.) or the profile (e.g. XDCAM EX, AVC-Intra, etc.), but the file extensions, such as MXF, MP4, M2TS, M4V, etc.

Here is the list of Codecs that are included in MainConcept MovieExport Broadcast at a glance:

    * H.264/AVC Broadcast (incl. AVC-Intra)
    * DV/DVCPRO 25/50/HD
    * JPEG2000
    * MPEG-1/2
    * MPEG-4 Part 2
    * VC-1 Pro
    * DivX

The MainConcept MovieExport Broadcast module provides direct access to the most important settings via QuickTime export like resolution, video type, frame rate and bitrate. You can even choose the desired audio codec if it is supported by the format you want to use.

MovieExport Broadcast allows you to use all predefined and custom presets from the MainConcept Reference application. It even enables you to import new user-defined presets from Reference into the MovieExport plug-in software for using them in Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, iMovie, etc.

Depending on the video codec and format, other supported audio formats in MovieExport Broadcast are AAC, MPEG audio (Layer 1 & Layer 2), WMA, DV audio and PCM/LPCM, in order to add unprecedented sound experience to your streams.
Base Plug-In required

The full license of the MovieExport Broadcast Plug-In provides unrestricted support for the purchased codecs. When purchasing the full license Plug-In, you will receive a link to unlock the appropriate codecs in the free MainConcept MovieExport base plug-in, so an internet connection is required. The MovieExport base plug-in must be installed on your system.



    * Support for all allowed MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 parameters.
    * Supported Profiles: Simple, Main, High and 4:2:2 Profile.
    * Supported Levels: Low, Main, High and High 1440 Level.
    * Bitrate modes: CBR, VBR and Constant Quantization.
    * HD, HDV and HDTV support.
    * High-quality decoder, supporting HD resolutions.
    * Highest picture quality for MPEG-2 Blu-ray currently on the market.
    * Numerous ready-to-use presets for the most popular devices and formats currently on the market.
    * Offers support for almost the complete Sony XDCAM product portfolio in a single software, including numerous ready-to-use transcoding presets for XDCAM HD, XDCAM IMX and XDCAM EX.
    * Creates Blu-ray, DVD, SVCD and VCD compliant streams.

H.264/AVC Broadcast:

    * Numerous ready to use presets for the most important devices and formats currently on the market.
    * H.264/AVC is the most suitable video format for streaming media content over a network in highest quality.
    * Allows easy content creation for many popular devices, such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP and various cell phones, so you are able to deliver your content to a wide audience.
    * Up to 5.1 level Baseline, Main and High profiles.
    * Resolution: Up to 5.1 Level restriction (36864 macroblocks).
    * Chroma Format: 4:2:0 (4:2:2 for AVC-Intra Class 100).
    * Intra modes: 16x16 and 4x4 for luma, 8x8 for chroma.
    * Inter modes: 16x16, 16x8, 8x16, 8x8, the Skip mode for P- and B-frames, Spatial Direct mode for B-frames.
    * CABAC/CAVLC according to profiles restriction.
    * Export AVC-Intra Class 50 and 100, including 4:2:0/4:2:2 support.
    * Support for Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra - Specialized Operational Pattern "Atom" SMPTE 390M.
    * AVC-Intra MXF support.

VC-1 Professional:

    * Fully compliant with SMPTE 421M-2006 specification.
    * Mandatory video format for HD DVD and Blu-ray®.
    * Strict HRD compliance.
    * Advanced compression algorithms – high rate-distortion efficiency.
    * Profile-driven configuration.
    * CBR and VBR, single pass and dual pass rate control.
    * VC-1 is compliant to the WMV format from Microsoft that is widely used for sharing video via networks and posting media content on websites such as YouTube.

MPEG-4 Part 2:

    * Software-only MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14496-2) and H.263 (ITU-T Recommendation H.263) encoding.
    * Includes MPEG-4 presets for Apple iPod, Sony PSP and other mobile devices.
    * Includes H.263 presets be used in common mobile phones or similar devices.
    * 4:2:0 chroma format support.
    * Support for Simple Profile (SP) and Advanced Simple Profile (ASP).
    * Supports resolutions up to 1080p.


    * Support the following standard: IEC-61834 - consumer DV 25 Mbit - 720 x 480/576
    * Support the following standard: SMPTE 314M - DVCPRO 25/50 Mbit - 720 x 480/576
    * Support the following standard: SMPTE 370M - DVCPRO HD - 720 50/60p, 1080 50/60i
    * Export formats are AVI, DIF and MXF (SMPTE 383M - clip wrapped).
    * Support for Panasonic P2 DVCPRO - Specialized Operational Pattern "Atom" SMPTE390M.
    * Support for Sony XDCAM DV (DVCAM)
    * Optimized picture and color quality in highest rendering speed.
    * 16:9 support (only mode supported in DV100)
    * RGB 0...255 and ITU601 RGB 16...235 color space.
    * Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology and multi-processor support.
    * Support for DVCPRO HD (DV 100) 1080i50, 1080i60, 720p60, 720p50 modes.
    * Full NTSC and PAL support.


    * AAC
    * MPEG Audio
    * PCM Audio
    * WMA
    * Raw Wave audio
    * DV Audio

Stream Type

    * MPEG-2 PS/TS
    * MP4
    * 3GP
    * MXF
    * ASF
    * DIF
    * AVI
    * MJ2


Host Applications:
Apple Final Cut Pro

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

    * MainConcept MovieExport is available for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. MovieExport is 32-bit only, but also works in a 64-bit environment. It is designed to work on any Mac which meets the Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, iMovie, etc. minimum system requirements.
    * Requires Final Cut Pro, Apple iMovie, Apple QuickTime Pro or similar applications with QuickTime export on Mac OS X (not included).

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