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Transport Stream Inspection

The MainConcept Analyzer TS tool provides deep insight into the structure and bitstream of Transport Streams and Elementary Streams. The analysis contains numerous statistics in graphical and textual way, including a T-STD buffer model view. Reports provide error logging with bitstream verification according to the TR 101 290 specification (Level I and II). The easy-to-use tool enables users to open files for offline analysis or even network streams for live monitoring. The filtering mechanism allows users getting compact and informative views of syntax elements in Transport Streams as well as Elementary Streams with the desired properties only.

The MainConcept Analyzer TS provides comprehensive information of most syntax elements defined for these multimedia formats. For MPEG Transport Streams, the Transport Packet header, Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) header as well as the PAT /PMT (including both internal/external descriptor loops) syntax are displayed. For DVB streams the NIT and SDT tables are reported.

The powerful analyzer tool determines and displays the logical structure of a Transport Stream as defined in the stream's PAT/PMT tables: programs, elementary streams belonging to the programs, and the appropriate Transport Stream PIDs. The useful statistics such as bandwidth consumption by PIDs, total number of packets in TS, and multiplexing rate is provided as well.

The application is able to catch a live Transport Stream cast from an IP network by TCP / UDP / RTP protocols and can perform on-the-fly analysis of it in real time. The valuable feature for bitrate burst evaluation of an IP live cast is also included in the MainConcept Analyzer TS.

You may select one of the available video streams to display the decoded pictures and navigate in a separate Video Output Window. Jump from any bitstream syntax element to the corresponding picture.


    * Supports H.264/MPEG-1/2 video & AC-3/AAC/MPEG-1/2 audio as input format.
    * Get comprehensive information of any syntax element defined for Transport Streams.
    * Display Transport Packet header, Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) header, PAT/PMT (including both internal/external descriptors loop) syntax.
    * Determine the logical structure as defined in the stream's PAT/PMT/NIT tables: programs, elementary streams belonging to the programs, the appropriate TS PIDs.
    * Detailed statistics such as bandwidth consumption by PIDs, total number of packets in TS, multiplexing rate.
    * T-STD Buffer Model Analysis for Video and Audio streams.
    * Catch a live TS cast from an IP network by TCP/UDP/RTP protocols and perform on-the-fly analysis in real time.
    * Transport Stream parsing.
    * Display H.264/AVC headers’ fields values.
    * T-STD modeling: organization of data flow, buffer models initialization, and drawing of proper graphs at GUI level.
    * Hiding /showing of TS packets for given PIDs.
    * Hex View of any random position or bitstream syntax element.
    * Real-time network streaming verification.
    * Error detection and compliance tests according to TR 101 290 (related to DVB) specification (Level I and II).
    * Extended error handling
    * Video thumbnail display, showing of frame type which data is carried by a TS packet, depicting of an icon for PES if carried, etc.
    * Error logging in txt or html file.


Host Applications:
Stand alone

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

The MainConcept Analyzer TS is available for Microsoft Windows (32-bit).

Before you start to install the new version of the Analyzer TS, please uninstall the current one. Additionally, make sure that no other MainConcept program is running during uninstalling or installing new MainConcept software.

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