Key Correct 1.3 Red Giant

Key Correct 1.3


This set of 15 plug-ins can be in used in combination with any keyer to soften alpha channels, match foreground and background colors, fix outlines, and clean up noise. Ensures top-quality results from popular keyers such as Primatte Keyer, Keylight, and Ultimatte.

Seamless integration
The Color Matcher filter re-maps foreground colors to match backgrounds, making it easy to put your subject in front of a virtual sunset or other compelling backgrounds. Light Wrap gives the illusion that background-layer light is reflecting in the foreground, allowing the colored lights from sunsets or other scenes to reflect on your subject.

Cleaner keys
The deartifactor PreKey filter fixes chroma sampling problems that are often found in footage shot on DV or HDV cameras. SmoothScreen minimizes background color variation before the key is pulled, while Alpha Cleaner fills in the holes and speckles in a matte afterward.

Perfect edges
With Matte Feather and Edge Blur, you can quickly and accurately soften the edges of mattes, hiding the uneven and chattering edges that are often caused by noise, grain or DV artifacts.


New in version 1.3: Support for Adobe Premiere Pro

Fine-tune Alphas

Easily softens and feathers alpha channels for accurate blending from any keyer

Color Matching

Automatically color-match foreground objects with any background image

Sophisticated Edge Controls

Lighten and outline the edges of objects to create realistic edge lighting and edge outlines

High Bit Depths

All plug-ins work with 8-bit or 16-bit projects for DV, HD and film output

Wire/Rig Remover

Powerful tool offers 5 different ways to erase unwanted elements

Edge Blur EZ Filter

Gives you just the controls you need to soften mattes

New Super Rack Focus Feature

See how the depth of field area is created

New Zone HLS Filter I

ndicates highlight, midtone and shadow regions to simplify color adjustment

Speedy Blur Plug-in

Offers three different levels of smoothness, horizontal and vertical blurs, and per-channel blur options.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Motion

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5 and CS4

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6

Apple Final Cut Pro 6 & 7

Apple Motion 3

Apple Macintosh

Mac OS X 10.4.11 and later 10.5.2 and later

Power Mac G5, Mac Intel 1 GB of RAM 30 MB of Hard Drive space

PC / Windows

Windows XP SP1 or later (32-bit)** Windows Vista (32-bit)** Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent) 1 GB of RAM 30 MB of Hard Drive space

**Windows XP and Vista 64-bit systems are not supported at this time.

AV3 Price : $399.00


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