Heroglyph v4 LE proDAD

Heroglyph v4  LE


Dive into the wealth of new, creative possibilities of Heroglyph V4.

Create professional video titles, lower-thirds, credits, travel routes and handwriting animation with only one amazing tool. Add the perfect finishing touch to all of your projects. Endless combinations of effects, animations, and unique fonts, which create professional grade results and are easier than ever to use.


Title & Trailer Wizard

Professionals and video-enthusiasts alike will love Heroglyph V4’s vast collection of over 500 fully customizable templates and elements for common title projects, such as weddings, documentaries, sports events and much more. Simply drop your own texts and images into the correct position and chose one of the pre-set animations, customize with a dizzying array of effects and your new title or trailer is done!

Travel Route Wizard

Anyone who has used key-frame based animation tools will appreciate Heroglyph V4’s simplicity.  Simply select a map image, and click & draw your route, even with multiple destinations; with complete customization of timing, animations, and tons of cool effects. Make it appear as if the route is drawn magically, just add the animated symbols. 

Slideshow Wizard

Create slideshows in Heroglyph V4 from still images, photos, and videos, full customization of style, effects, and animations if desired with automatic sub-titles and alldesign power of Heroglyph.

Auto-animated Handscript Wizard

Fully automated handwriting animation – with unique proDAD fonts. To create the magically appearing writing, complicated drawings or key frames are no longer necessary. Simply type in text, choose font, done! Exclusively for Windows.

Video Wall Wizard

Heroglyph V4 creates Video Walls with ease using customizable templates and from any combination of photos or video clips with endless possibilities of creative effects, if desired; add subtitles – and as usual it’s fully automated! 


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Windows Vista, XP, 2000


Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0...10.0

Adobe AfterEffects CS5, CS5.5, CS6

Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5, CS6


Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5


Sony Vegas Pro  9, 10, 11 (32-/64-bit versions are supported)

Sony  Platinum

Sony MoviEZ generally doesn't support third party plugins


Avid Studio 1

Avid MediaComposer 5.5, 6.0

Grass Valley K.K.:

GV Edius NEO 3.x

GV Edius 6, 6.5

Pinnacle Studio:

Pinnacle Studio 14, 15, 16


Magix Video Deluxe 17, 18

Magix Video Pro X3, X4

Magix Edit

AV3 Price : $149.99


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