Greyscalegorilla HDRI Expansion Pack: Paradise Greyscalegorilla

Greyscalegorilla HDRI Expansion Pack: Paradise


HDRI Expansion Pack: Paradise is a pack of 30 HDRs that was shot in and around Brazil and South America. This pack (like all of our packs) expand the use of The HDRI Studio Rig.*

Grab your sun tan lotion and meet us on the beach or on a cruise ship in this outdoor, golden hour, sun based HDRI collection. Add picture perfect sunsets and sunrises to your renders with “Rock Beach Sunset” or “Rio Bay Sunrise”. Brighten up your outdoor renders with this hi-res, high-quality pack from Greyscalegorilla.


This is an expansion pack for The HDRI Studio Rig. You must own The HDRI Studio Rig to make use of any of Greyscalegorilla's HDRI Packs.


Operating Systems:

AV3 Price : $59.00

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