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GeoMaps is a collection of 3ds MAX maps that allows the user to shade the underlying object based on its geometry. This unique capability permits geometry based shading – a capability not previously available on with 3ds MAX.



This map will adjust output based on curvature of the underlying object. Great for weathering and highlighting object details, this map includes advanced capabilities including distortion and directional biasing for fantastic results.


This map will adjust output based on the tension of the underlying object over time. This unique capability allows the user to dynamically illustrate changes to mesh.

With additional maps including Velocity coming soon, GeoMaps will change the way MAX artists think about shading their models in 3ds MAX.

Already in use in production, Neil Blevins at Soulburn Studios has this to say about Curvature:

“For the past decade, procedural shading in 3ds MAX has been missing a fundamental tool - a dedicated render time Curvature Map. Boomer Labs' Curvature gives us everything we need in a simple, fast and straightforward interface.”


System Requirements:

Available for 64 bit versions of 3ds MAX 2010 through to 2015. Supported Renders are Scanline, VRay and Corona.

AV3 Price : $60.00

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