DriveX Powered by Mocha CoreMelt

DriveX Powered by Mocha


Track 3D text and particles inside FCPX

DriveX Powered by Mocha allows you to add tracked 3D text or particle effects that react realistically to movement. Add tracked smoke, fire, light trails, sparks or many other effects. Track 3D text to follow camera movement in the background with lighting and perspective changes.


Now you can harness the full power of Mocha tracking with complex 3D effects and particles. CoreMelt DriveX allows advanced users to link any parameters inside an Apple Motion Template to track data, and publish the result as an FCP X effect. DriveX includes Twenty motion templates to get you started with many more coming soon.

  • Eight Title Templates: - Track 3D Arrow, Track 3D Highlighter, Track 3D Text, Track 3D Text Shadow, Track 3D Text Circle, Track 3D Text Metal, Track Light 3D Text, Track Text Pointer .
  • Twelve Effects Templates: - Track Comet, Track Flamethrower, Track Laser, Track Light Trail, Track Lit Match, Track Magic Orb, Track Smoke, Track Sparks Color, Track Steam, Track Volumetric Rays, Track Welding Sparks, Track Template.
  • Advanced users can modify any existing motion template to add tracking to a group, particle emitter, 3D text, light source or replicator.


System Requirements:
  • Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.5.4 ( or later)
  • G5 or Intel processor
  • CoreImage capable 128MB graphics card.
  • 256MB graphics card required for HD rendering

AV3 Price : $99.00

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