Colorista IV Red Giant

Colorista IV


Professional Color Correction for Filmmakers 

Color Comes to You

Colorista IV puts streamlined professional color correction tools, directly on your editing timeline. No need to leave your host app to grade your footage.


Guided Color Correction

Let Colorista IV guide you, using an industry-tested color correction workflow. In just a few simple steps, this quick and easy shortcut will start you off on the right foot with a perfectly balanced shot that’s ready for a color grade.


A Better Adobe Experience

Colorista IV is more integrated with Adobe applications than ever before. Get true real time color correction with Adobe’s Mercury playback engine. Transform Premiere Pro and After Effects into a professional color grading environment with the new Colorista panel. Create multi-layered masked corrections with Adobe’s masking and tracking features. 


Magic Bullet Colorista IV - What’s New:

Colorista Panel

The new Colorista Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects can compliment any workspace and workflow. As a panel, Colorista is always available to adjust a clip on your timeline without the need to manually apply an effect to every clip. Colorista can also dynamically scale/reorganize UI elements to fit your needs, whether that be a second monitor or a slimmed down column in your workspace.

Guided Color Correction

Everyone can use a little help now and then. Colorista IV’s new Guided Color Correction encapsulates an industry tested color correction workflow in 7 simple steps, and delivers a well balanced shot that’s ready for color grading. Even better, all corrections made are translated as settings to Colorista IV, so that you can pick up directly where you left off.


Look Up Tables can help you speed up the color grading process. Import your own LUTs or use one of the included LUT presets to get you started.

Color Temperature & Tint

Balancing the overall color is easier than ever with dedicated sliders for warming up or cooling down your footage, and adjusting the green/magenta tint.

RGB Curves

Dial in your custom contrast curve with the familiar sliders, or add points for more precision control using Colorista's powerful new Point Curve.

Log Support

Colorista IV now directly supports Log footage, with both specially-tuned log adjustments and built-in Look Up Tables for common Log formats. 


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Supported OS

  • Mac OSX 10.8 and higher 
  • Windows 7, 8 


  • Adobe CC and higher 
  • Final Cut Pro X 
  • Motion 5 
  • DaVinci Resolve 

AV3 Price : $199.00


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