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broadcastGEMs Cube WipeFX is an Adobe After Effects effect set that provides unprecedented control and ease of use in the creation of a large number of true 3D cubes for transitional and posing effects. A slew of Animation Presets provide ease of use and extensive customization options. Users can also latch on to the included grid designs to quickly switch between grid designs. A grid design is a collection of 3D cubes that make up an entire composition.


An integrated Grid Designer composition allows users to design their own grids within a 2D composition for optimal productivity. Once completed, a 3D version of the grid design is automatically created in a 'final comp'.

When installed, broadcastGEMs Cube WipeFX appears as a number of AEPs and a set of Animation Presets. Together, the AEPs and Animation Presets will help you to save days of arduous setups and trial and errors should you want to create a cube transition effect or set up a number of cubes to display your content.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

broadcastGEMs Cube WipeFX works with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4 and CS5.

System requirements reflect those for the Host Application

AV3 Price : $49.95

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