broadcastGEMS AE Pro Series Volume 2 (HD - 1080 and 720) broadcastGEMs

broadcastGEMS AE Series Vol 2 HD


broadcastGEMs AEPro Volume 02 (HD) offers great designs with optimal customization options. The Adobe After Effects (AE) project files provide captivating design elements and camera movements.

broadcastGEMs offers broadcast-quality customizable designs to owners of Adobe After Effects. Instead of spending days on a sequence, you can now achieve hgh-quality output within hours, perhaps even minutes. After all, it only takes a minute or two to replace our imagery and text with your own.

 Where feasible, we have provided Expression Controls (no scripting required - just the standard effect controls) to allow for quick customization such as increasing the number of particles or increasing the radius where layers are spaced. Advanced camera animation techniques and in-depth plugin settings make this product an excellent learning tool for those who want to have a bird's-eye into the high-end world that Adobe After Effects affords.


broadcastGems AE Pro Series Volume 2 consists of 12 Adobe After Effects Project files:

broadcastGEMS 3D Motion 01

Cool camera moves and a new age design make this a winner for sequences requiring text listings. Text sizes and the layout are easily customizable to suit your needs. Videos can be easily put into place if you want videos in the sequence. The arrowheads can be replaced with any graphic for branding purposes. Simply replace a single instance of the arrowhead and let the project file settings create the duplicates and the 3D effect.

broadcastGEMS 3D Motion 03

A captivating design suited for screening a variety of videos. The video reflections and scrolling text effects are easily customizable by replacing a single instance of each asset.

The ceiling and floor designs can be used as is, or they can be easily replaced wih your own designs.

broadcastGEMS Carousel 01

A simple yet elegant way to display a number of videos. This project file uses AE's built-in Light Transmission properties to achieve a reflective surface.

Add your own background and logo to make this project your very own.

broadcastGEMS Curtains 01

This project file contains a realistic curtain effect created entirely within Adobe After Effects. This is a great effect to kickstart a video presentation for an important event.

The stipulated duration covers the sequence that you see in the sample video. Your video can be of a longer duration without any issues.

broadcastGEMS Flyby 01

Sleek camera moves highlight a few buzz words and culminate in an impressive fireworks display.

You can use the camera moves to highlight your buzz words without the explosive end or use the ending sequence separately on its own to end any video presentation with an emphatic finish.

broadcastGEMS Growing Lines 01

This effect is highly customizable. Each stalk is created seperately with options for thickness and direction, which can be changed temporally. The end-result that you see, makes use of these individual stalks to create a much larger visual.

An advanced procedural texture was mapped onto the stalks. Use it as is or tweak the texture settings to create your own.

broadcastGEMS Growing Lines 03

This project file is designed analogously to Growing Lines01 in that each line/vine is created seperately and then pieced together to create a larger design. This allows for more breadth for customization.

The glassy procedural textures are beautiful and can be used for other projects. This design is also loopable once all the lines/vines are drawn on. Markers are provided in the composition panel to designate the two loopable points.

broadcastGEMS Silhouette 05

A simple camera move belies the sophistication behind this project. A script automagically animates the background video (simply replace with your own, single layer video, sized normally) to animate along with the camera moves to create a realistic effect.

Vector silhouettes and text effects make this sequence very useful for almost any presentation. Realistic glassy reflections and double-shadows add some glamor to the sequence.

broadcastGEMS TransitionFX 01

This is a beautiful effect that can be used often as a transition effect. The particles are created using Particle Playground. Trapcode's Shine and 3D Stroke are used to create and enhance the 3D lines.

Users without Trapcode Shine and 3D Stroke have access to pre-rendered (QuickTime format) movies.

broadcastGEMS TransitionFX 05

This is a similar effect to TransitionFX01 but uses a different particle setup and creates a sleek stroked effect with more directional purpose. Colors can be easily changed by tweaking the Hue property.

3-dimensional particles fly towards the screen after some great fireworks display.

broadcastGEMS Winterscape 01

There are lots of high-end techniques used in this project file. Animated glittery textures adorn the text and the large snow particles glisten as they fall from the sky.

The 3D particles are created entirely within Adobe After Effects and makes extensive use of Particle Playground.

Santa hat is not included. :)

broadcastGEMS Logo Setups

We provide five sequences of varying durations to help you display logos or important messages.

Every video presentation has to have an ending sequence with some form of branding. With this in mind, we set out to create a few compelling and powerful designs to allow you to create your own branding sequences.

Included are 3D text effects created entirely within Adobe After Effects without 3rd party plugins. Simply replace our text with your own and off you go! All logo instances are easily replaceable.

Gorgeous lights, shadows and particle animations help to set your branding requirements on a great footing. As always, lights, color, shadow intensity - everything can be customized to suit your needs.

broadcastGEMS Texture Animator (2.0) & Texture Animator Expresso(1.0)

We've upgraded our Texture Animator Expresso to include Motion Blur and Blending Modes options. This is essentially a plugin with lots of control options to animate textures or even text. Dan Ebberts, a scripting Adobe After Effects guru provided the in-depth scripts that run this versatile Expresso.

Go from slow and subtle to fast and grungy - whatever suits you. We provide 10 seamless tiles to get you going. Adobe After Effects' text animation capabilities are truly awesome. Here, we've taken it a step further by allowing you to add an animated graphic component that controls when your text animation occurs.

Using Expression controls, you will be able to animate your text animator properties with additional visual content for a more compelling effect.

This version of the Text Animator Expresso supports linear, 2D movements.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

For HD (1080 and 720) Users require Adobe After Effects (Pro version 7.0 or newer). Where a third party plugin is used (Trapcode's Shine, 3D Stroke & Particular), we provide an alternative composition/project file that contains pre-rendered (in QuickTime format) instances of each plugin's use. In short, if you do not own these 3rd party plugins, you will still be able to work with the project file and obtain output similar to what you see in each of the example videos shown below.

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