Boris Continuum Unit: Film Style Boris FX

Boris Continuum Unit: Film Style


BCC Film Style Unit from Boris FX on Vimeo.

Each category of Boris Continuum Complete filters is now available as a separate Boris Continuum Unit, allowing artists to choose toolsets that are geared towards their specific needs.

The Boris Continuum Film Style Unit includes 7 "film-like" filters that help you achieve the warm organic look that you see when watching classic movie channels. Create classic looks such as Day for Night, Sepia, or Technicolor. Simulate aged or damaged film. Add film glow, match grain from film stock, and access many other cinematic looks. BCC Film Glow creates the soft feel of exposed film; make your highlights bloom and shadows spread out as you experiment with your own unique looks. Other Film Style filters allow you to emulate the common grain found in Kodak film stock or lift grain from one clip to another.


BCC Filters in this Unit:



Film Damage

Film Grain

Film Process

Film Glow

Match Grain

Via the Boris Transfer workflow utilities, BCC is the only plug-in collection that allows easy VFX migration between Adobe, Avid, and Apple video editing software – with parameters and keyframed information intact. Boris Transfer AE allows you to transfer Avid or Final Cut Pro sequences to After Effects while Boris Transfer FCP gives you the ability to transfer sequences between Avid and Final Cut Pro.

New flicker reduction and videoscope tools, OpenGL hardware acceleration, 32-bit float support, deeper After Effects integration, and enhanced lens flares, particles, glows, and lights headline the new Version 8 release.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Apple Motion
Apple Motion 5
Sony Vegas Pro

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Support for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Sony Vegas Pro.

AV3 Price : $299.00


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