Aura Digieffects



Emanate a dinstinctive style with Aura. The suite includes: Solarize, Edgex, Colorize, Lightwrap, Glow, Gradient Designer, Grayscaler, Channel Range, Nightbloom, and Channel Noise.


Aura Channel Range
Apply random noise to layers with individual controls for the red, green, blue and alpha channels. Great tool to dial in the right amount of noise per channel.
Aura Colorize
Apply color schemes and tints to your footage. Create a duotone or polytone by specifying tints for shadows, midtones, and highlights. Supports up to 5 colors.
Aura Edgex
Create posterization by thresholding individual color channels. Make your video look more like a graphic and add bold separation between fields of color.
Aura Gradient Designer
The ultimate tool for building gradients. It supports creation of up to a 12 color gradient with select of basic shape and layer map options.
Aura Grayscaler
Control the process of color to grayscale conversion. Fine tune your greyscale quality with luminance, brightness and contrast of the RGB channels.
Aura Lightwrap
This plug-in helps to integrate composite elements by glowing background light around foreground objects. Add a rim light to a masked or keyed foreground layer.
Aura Night Bloom
A bloom effect designed primarily for nighttime scenes. Control the bloom shape (lens iris shape), size, threshold, brightness, amount, and blend.
Aura Solarize

A photographic process simulation for creating the look of double exposed photographic paper. Use this effect to reverse or create negative portions of your clip.



Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Apple Motion
Apple Motion 5

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:
Our software works with After Effects CC, FCPX, Premiere CC, and Motion 5. We also support After Effects CS5, FCP 7, Premiere CS5, and Motion 4.
Graphics Card
Digieffects plugins use the power of your computer's CPU. No special GPU card is required.
Operating System
Our tools work on OSX and higher as well as Windows 8 and higher.

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