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3D Weapons Pack


3D Weapons Pack contains 14 high poly 3D models of grenades, bullets, knives, rockets, and more! The models are fully textured and ready to be used in your action scenes. The weapons come in both FBX and OBJ formats, which are compatible with most 3D Applications.

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Model List:

The pack includes a total number of 14 3D Models. That includes:

1. 9mm Hollow Point Bullet & Shell
2. 9mm Regular Bullet & Shell
3. Assualt Rifle Bullet & Shell
4. Combat Axe
5. Dynamite Stick
6. Frag Grenade
7. Grenade
8. Tactical Knife
9. Air Missile
10. RPG Rocket
11. Shotgun Bullet Shell
12. Throwing Knife
13. Torpedo
14. Shuriken


High Poly 3D Models
FBX & OBJ Format
2K Texture Maps (diffuse, specular, & normal maps included) Affordable Price (only $2.85 per model)


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Compatible with:

The 3D models are compatible with most 3D Applications that support FBX or OBJ files. Applications such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Hitfilm, & Element 3D are all compatible.

AV3 Price : $39.99

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