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Zaxwerks 3D Flag


Zaxwerks 3D Flag is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that turns any picture, comp or movie into a realistic animated flag. The motion of the flag is based on physics so keyframes are not needed to get realistic motion.


New In 3D Flag Version 4:

- 25 Times Faster Rendering with Reactor Rendering Engine
- Realistic Shadows
- Ambient Occlusion
- Image-Based Lighting
- Rotating Reflection Maps
- New Dark Interface
- Interaction Improvements
- After Effects CC 2015 Compatibility

Create real 3D Flags with real dynamics. Let your flag react to the wind and gravity as it's showing off your logo.

3D Flag can generate realistic flags, banners, and pennants within Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro.

You can use any layer (image, movie, animation) to color the flag and determine its shape. You may also choose from a variety of included flagpoles or add your own.

Customizing how your flag moves is easy. Not only can you animate the flagpole, you may set Wind Speed and Direction or specify Gravity. The flag itself can be stiff or limp, depending on the parameters set in the 3D Flag Editor.

Whether you're looking to create a flag high atop a pole, a banner hanging from a window, or a dramatic background image, 3D Flag can generate the imagery you're looking for.

Flag Looping
Creating Looping with a few clicks. The new Looping controls are intuitive and easily sets up the loop by setting a start and end frame.

Double-Sided Flags
You can now assign different images on the front and back of the flag. This is a great way to create a reveal or a useful way to create a transition.

Curtains and Flag Unroll
Change your flag from a vertical flag to a horizontal flag, banner, curtain, frame or background with our new presets. Creating a banner unroll or curtain animation is simply done with adjusting the amount of the roll or folds on the curtain.

Real 3D Flag Poles and End Caps
Work with fully 3D flag poles and end caps. The flag pole and end caps are fully customizable so you can apply any material to get the right look for your project. There are dozens of top and bottom end caps from decorative flag tips to highly detailed stands and wall attachments.

Create Your Own End Caps
Not only does the program come with dozens of end caps, you can even create your own custom end cap. Using ProAnimator/ProModeler or 3D Invigorator PRO your imagination is your limit on what you can do!

Materials Bin
Use dozens of preset materials to quickly set up the flag fabric, flag pole, or the end caps.

Material Editor
With the new Material Editor panel, you can edit any existing material preset, or create your own material from scratch. Use the gradient, noise and grid shaders in combination with Bump, Transparency and Reflectivity to create ultra-realistic materials.

Using the Flatten control, you can turn a flag from a flat card to a waving flag, or have a flag turn into a flat image whenever you like. This is useful for creating transitions where the animation starts as a flat image then turns into a waving flag or vice versa.

Shadow Catcher
Assign an After Effects 3D Layer as the shadow catcher layer. The assigned layer will act as a wall or floor layer that the flag shadow falls on.

Flag Images and Shapes
3D Flag gives you the ability to create flags of almost any color and shape. You can use an image, image sequence, or movie to color the flag. Also, by choosing an image with transparent areas, you can create flags that look like pennants and banners.

Your flag may or may not have a flagpole. It's your choice. If your flag does have a pole, then you can choose one of the horizontal or vertical poles that come with 3D Flag -- or you can install your own. The flags may sit on any side of the flagpole but 3D Flag has a Quick Start menu that will help you attach your flag to your pole.

Pole Animation
Flagpoles do not have to be fixed in space. You may animate them as you would any other 3D object, adjusting the location and rotation. Make your flag wave in the air or simply rotate it into the correct orientation for your scene.

Choosing Different Cloths
There are many different types of cloth materials you can simulate with 3D Flag. You can make your flags loose and rubbery or stiff and inflexible.

Wind and Gravity
3D Flag allows you to set forces like Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Gravity. You can even animate them to simulate varying wind conditions (the wind is rarely constant, after all) or make the flags look like they're on the moon (which has much less gravity than Earth).

Wind Types
Wind generator will create breezy, gusty or lazy wind conditions.

Built in Slo-Mo lets you create super slo-motion flags without getting blurred pixels or needing to time-remap.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

3D Flag Plug-in for After Effects

  • This plug-in only works in Adobe After Effects.
  • It is not compatible with any other host.


  • Host: Adobe After Effects CS6, CC, CC 2014 & CC 2015.
  • For users working with After Effects CS3 - CS5, please contact us for older versions of the plug-in.
  • Intel Mac Only
  • Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 or higher.
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.


  • Host: Adobe After Effects CS6, CC, CC 2014 & CC 2015.
  • For users working with After Effects CS3 - CS5, please contact us for older versions of the plug-in.
  • Pentium 4 or better
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.

Note: Zaxwerks allows two installations (for instance, a Desktop and Laptop), provided only one is activated at a time.

AV3 Price : $175.00


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