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What's new in Trapcode Suite 13.1 Posted over 3 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

A new update is available for Trapcode Suite 13, which includes updates to almost all the tools included in the suite. 

If you would like to update your Red Giant Complete Suite or Trapcode Suite floating licenses, please download the GUI installer from the product downloads page here. If you would prefer to use the scripted installers, please refer to the Volume resources page.

Here's what's new for each plugin:

Trapcode Form 2.2

  • UI Graphs – The ‘Color over Life’ and ‘Size over Life’ graphs in Trapcode Form have been updated to mirror those found in Particular 2.5
  • Presets –  Outdated SD presets have been taken out

Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4

  • Color Map – The Sound Keys color map now is the same as Particular 2.5’s color map.

Trapcode Particular 2.6

  • Effect Builder updates:
    • New switch for quick toggling on and off motion blur inside the builder
    • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Mir 2.1

  • New Presets – 25 brand new presets
  • Visibility settings have been added to accommodate higher-resolution projects
  • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Lux 1.4

  • Minor bug fixes

Trapcode Tao 1.1

  • 25 New presets available
  • Negative OAS Duration – The OAS Duration property now allows negative values (see below).
  • Faster Rendering with New Light Modes –  There are now 3 new Tao Light Modes in addition to “Entire Path” and “Build Up,” that can improve render times (see below).
  • Minor Bug fixes

TAO – Allow negative OAS Duration:

When OAS Duration is set to negative, the OAS sampling happens from Current Time and backwards in time. So for example, if OAS Duration is set to -10, and Current Time is 10 (the TLI is at 10 seconds) the OAS values are sampled from 10 seconds and back to zero. This is useful for audio visualizations for example, such as a beat in the values can travel over time over the path.

New TAO Lights modes:

  • Build-up and Remove
  • Build-up (fast)
  • Build-up and Remove (fast)

The new Build-up and Remove mode is useful when building huge, long structures with TAO Lights and only the newest part is on display. With this new mode the plug-in can ignore the older part of the path, making it faster.

The new Build-up (fast) and Build-up and Remove (fast) do not sample the real length of the path leading to much faster rendering for long paths.

All three new modes are really only useful when dealing with very long paths, tens of thousands of segments, where only the newest part of the path is visible.

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