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Its always difficult starting a conversation, so "Hello! How are you doing?"

This is our first blog post from me, Paul, and its my job to look after AV3 website overall and do such things as marketing and tea making (very important job). We'll also hear from my colleagues to but I'll leave their introductions to them.

I knew nothing about motion graphics and visual effects 6 months ago, so its been a steep learning curve trying to figure out what's what. I'm just starting to get my head around terms such as compositing, rotorscoping, keying and also what the differences are between After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, AVID media composer, Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya, Nuke and I could go on.

I knew what plug-ins were, but not how they could impact your speed and your effectiveness with using tools, until I started playing with plug-ins for Photoshop, a tool I did know. And then well, I got it. I knew why these things were such a boon to anyone who uses them, and why, if you can, I'd recommend getting them.

The only thing that I have noticed of late is that everytime an effect happens on a TV programme, I'm trying to figure out what the editors/effects artists did to make that happen. Its become infectious too.

So, because I'm still learning don't expect advanced tutorials from me, but I will try and talk about what we are doing and why, and any new products that we are putting on our virtual shelves.

Lastly - a big thank you to our friends at Savantis who have built the site. We're very pleased with it.

And also a mention for Luke Pearce (who has worked on the site with Savantis) who is also an aspiring film director. Maybe we can feature some of his work on the site too!

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