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Trapcode Suite 14.1 Available Now Posted almost 2 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Trapcode Suite 14.1 is a free update that includes a ton of new features and improvements. Watch the video below and read on for a full list of updates!



  • Multiple Forms in the same 3D Space – Like Trapcode Particular, you can now have multiple form particle grids and 3D objects (AKA Forms) in the same 3D space.
  • Over 60 new multiple form presets to help you quickly create motion graphics and VFX
  • Updated UI with playback controls added to the Designer to make previewing easier.
  • GPU acceleration, giving you a speed boost of up to 2x or more, depending on your setup.
  •  Many new user experience improvements in the Designer.


  • Shading now works as expected for sprites and textured polygons.
  • Form sprites can now load without the need for Quicktime to be installed on your system



  •  New Material and Shading Options, including image based lighting/reflection mapping.
  • Depth of Field – Create camera-realistic blurs for your Mir surfaces, based on their distance from the After Effects 3D camera.



  • Color Mapping –  You can now color your stroke with a solid color or use a color ramp over X, Y Z and more.
  • Thickness Curve – You can now control the thickness of your main path, using familiar Trapcode curve controls
  • New Individual X/Y/Z scale controls for the repeater



  • Updated UI with Playback controls added to the Designer to make previewing easier than ever before.
  • Tons of other user experience improvements in the Designer, based on your feedback.
  • Relative Emission Rate:  The Particles/Sec of your additional systems can now be set relative to the master emitter. For example, you can set your second emitter to generate particles at half the rate of the master – or double. And if you raise the amount of the master, the 2nd emitter changes it’s value automatically to keep the ratio.
  • Speed Based Emission: Particles/Sec can be driven by the emitter speed. For example, when the emitter is not moving you would get no particles being generated, but when it is in motion, particles are emitted. And the faster the emitter moves, the more particles are generated based on a multiplier.


  •  Particular sprites can now load without the need for Quicktime to be installed on your system


Here’s what’s been added or changed with the Designer:

  • New playback controls.
  • In a multiple system setup, you can now apply a single system preset as a new system, or replace the selected system without affecting other systems if desired.
  • Improved navigation of folders – open/close preset folders by clicking on their name, or Shift+Clicking to open/close all folders.  
  • Ability to save a single system preset if only one system is active. Previous versions always saved a multiple system preset.
  • User can single click to edit parameter values in the designer.
  • Hit Escape to exit the Designer, or any open window.

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