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Substance Designer 2017.2 Available Now Posted over 2 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Get cooking with the Substance Designer Fall 2017 release! Here's all that's new in the 2017.2 update


Take a look at the new patterns, filters and noises that will fill your Substance Designer toolbox with new creative possibilities

Flood Fills

A long-awaited feature is finally here! Use a black or white mask to generate height maps and assign random colors to each white zone with a variation of height

Shape Mapper

A new way to build stunning patterns! Duplicate and map a pattern on a shape while defining the number of repetitions and shape

Swirl Node

You can now easily deform your input with direct control in the 2D viewport

Histogram Select

Isolating a height range from a height map is now easier than ever with this new node!

Vector Morph

The vector morph lets you deform your input according to a normal map

Cube 3D Node

This new node opens the door to a new dimension in creativity – the third dimension, actually ;-) Let’s see what you can do with it!

Arc Pavement Node

As a French company, we have to make sure we give you an easy way to reproduce Parisian arc pavements! Thankfully, this is exactly what this node is made for


We also updated a few generators while we were at it:

Splatter Circular Generator

This famous node just got a fresh update, and we are pretty confident you will love the new possibilities ;-)

Scratches Generator

We all know how scratches are important (as long as they are not on your smartphone screen ;-))! Therefore, we overhauled the the previous generator to offer more natural and tweakable scratches. When used with a pathtracer or raytracer, the generated normal map will produce the circular highlights we commonly observe in the real world.


With this release, support for non-square formats is standard, with all noises and patterns now containing a non-square expansion option.

Scale Parameter for Noises

More good news: your noises now scale :)


Other improvements make working in Substance Designer easier:

Graph Snapshot – Take a picture of your graph by clicking the Photo icon in the graph toolbar.

3D View default state – Save the 3D view settings, including the geometry, environment map and shader technique as default so that it appears exactly as before.

Default state file – You can now specify a default state file in your project preferences to make parameters uniform across a multi-user team project.

Baker window improvements – Baking settings can now be exported as presets (as a .json file) and imported back. Combined with the Substance Automation Toolkit, the same .json file can then be used to launch multiple bakes with a single command.


With this update, Substance Designer delivers on its promise to support the AxF format, making it the first and only tool for material authoring in AxF.

Get Sustance Designer 2017.2 Here

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