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Sorenson Updates Squeeze to Version 9.0.3 Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Sorenson Squeeze is an advanced, powerful video encoding suite that is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Squeeze 9 boasts a diverse range of optimised presets, which means whatever platform you would like your video to including most notably, HTML5 for web videos, which is becoming an increasingly popular format.

9.0.3 Update

Available for both standard and pro versions, the update 9.0.3 includes a few bug fixes:

• Having a space after entering the activation key during installation will no longer cause an error.
• The SqueezeExporter will now be installed inside the Adobe Premiere CC Directory (Mac).
• GoPro Source will no longer be limited to encoding at 60 fps if the source is 120 fps.
• On Japanese OS, Squeeze can now be used as a QuickTime exporter from within Final Cut Pro 7.

Sorenson have also listed some of the known issues which will hopefully be addressed in a future update.

• Some files with larger frame size appear to exhibit color shifts.
• On Windows, there is an issue with the FLV splitter. FLV source files sometimes have incorrect aspect ratios in the preview window. However, the files maintain the correct aspect ratio after encoding.
• Change Field Order filter must be manually set above the Deinterlace filter in the filter list to work as expected.
• Source files with unicode file names will fail to "Burn to DVD".

Sorenson provides great support for Squeeze, which is to be expected from an established manufacturer. They offer a number of free video tutorials that demonstrate how to use the key features within this professional video encoder.

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