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Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 - 360 Video Platform Posted about 9 years ago by Adam Knight - Posted in Software


It's not often you get something that surprises you and puts a smile on your face. So when I installed my copy of Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 on my MacBook Pro last week I was genuinely surprised with what I received.

Everyone know's Sorenson make some truly remarkable encoding software, I can't really make that point any better than the thousands of others who already have so I won't. However, as part of the package when you buy Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 you also get a complimentary Sorenson 360 Video Platform account allowing you 5GB Video Storage and 5GB Bandwidth. This is just a taster and I'm sure most people would need more space and bandwidth than that, but it does let you give the system a real workout.

The quality of the video is phenomenal, and the CMS system Sorenson has implemented has made organizing and distributing your video files really easy. The client approval function is very cool, once the client signals he's happy the system lets you know by email and or SMS message.

Sorenson 360 isn't a product that AV3 can sell but I was so impressed I thought everyone should know about it and give it a go, now! And don't forget you get a complimentary account when you purchase Squeeze.

Sorenson Squeeze 6.5 for Mac & Windows on AV3Software.com.

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Sorenson 360 Information


Quality is credibility. Sorenson 360 v2 combines award-winning encoding with a customizable feature set to offer the ultimate enterprise grade online video platform.

Content Management

Easily organize videos in folders and subfolders. Cohesively manage multiple users and sub-accounts.

Video in the Cloud

Efficient delivery, scalability, storage and security with robust video infrastructure.

RTMP Streaming

Viewers can skip to any point in a video, even partway through a clip without having to download the beginning.

Custom Players & Playlists

Emphasize your brand. Fully customize white label video players & create playlists on the fly with simple drag and drop functionality.

Metrics & Video SEO

Best of breed video SEO tools. Track audience engagement with intuitive analytics.

Intelligent Embed Codes

A Sorenson exclusive offering, includes native support for SmartPhones (such as the iPhone), Tablets (iPad) and other devices.

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