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Sorenson Squeeze 10 and Squeeze Server 3 Almost Here Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Sorenson Squeeze 10 is on it's way, with a release coming in early October.

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Sorenson Squeeze 10 Highlights

Squeeze 10 is the first desktop encoder that supports HEVC/H.265. HEVC is designed to double data compression compared to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC at the same level of video quality, which translates into substantially improved video quality at lower bit rates.

Encoding support for VP9 - VP9, the successor to VP8 is an open source and royalty free video compression standard developed by Google which is designed to reduce the bitrate by 50% compared to VP8, with the same video quality.

Closed caption embedding - Only encoding tool under $5000 that supports closed caption embedding.Squeeze 10 can embed Scenarist .scc files as EIA- 608/EIA-708 into broadcast streams. Previously Squeeze supported the ability to import a video file with a closed caption file attached. In Squeeze 10, you can import a separate.scc file in addition to the video file and Squeeze will link the two together into broadcast streams.

HLS Encryption - new release introduces HLS encryption support which is designed to encrypt HLS videos securely to the video stream, to provide an added layer of security. This new HLS security feature utilizes customized root URLs in manifest files in order to server index files and media files from different locations.

Audio Only/Low Bandwidth Apple HLS Adaptive Stream - In addition to existing HLS output available in Squeeze, now added support in this release includes a 64Kbps audio-only stream with the HLS output in order to be compliant with Apple’s requirement for apps.

Multi-rate Bundle Encoding - Automatically packages files for Apple HLS, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG DASH, and MP4 downloads by only encoding each data rate once and then packaging everything into multiple formats.

Simple Format Conversion - Squeeze 10 introduces Simple Format Conversion presets, which are designed to easily convert a video to MP4, MOV, and/or MKV using x264. This new preset option provides a way to get as close as possible to re-wrapping a source file into a different format, while limiting the amount of quality loss during the conversion.

4K Presets - Addresses the growing demand for 4k support with two specific presets, one for H.264 and one for x265 that will offer preliminary 4K output support to our users.

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