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Red Giant release Magic Bullet Grinder Posted almost 10 years ago by Admin User - Posted in Plug-ins

Saw Grinder at BVE earlier in the year where Sean Safreed was demonstrating it to a seminar - it looks like its value is primarily about adding timecodes (not that converting footage isn't useful, its just that other products can also do this). Still if you have a DSLR and you are editing in FCP its certainly worth a look at this price! Anyway have a read of the Red Giant inforamtion:

Convert DSLR Video to Edit-Friendly Formats, Add Timecode, and Generate Proxies
Magic Bullet Grinder is a new tool that converts DSLR video to edit-friendly formats for smooth playback and faster rendering. With Magic Bullet Grinder, you now have a fast way to get DSLR footage from video-capable Canon DSLR cameras into your Final Cut Pro timeline for editing, add timecode, and generate proxies, all in a single, time-saving pass. Batch processing and multi-threading mean fast, painless conversion – and editing can start even while shooting on location.
Easy Conversion: Magic Bullet Grinder supports all video-capable Canon DSLRs, with more formats coming soon. Converts to ProRes, Standard, ProRes Proxy, and PhotoJPEG formats, complete with a timecode track.
Fast Speed: Batch processing features and support for multi-threaded systems ensure fast, glitch-free operation. Got 8 cores? Convert 8 files at once.
Essential Productivity Features: Adds file names and timecode info directly to proxies, and converts 30p and 60p media for quick and dirty 24p slow-motion effects. Use Magic Bullet Grinder to generate lower-resolution proxies for easy laptop editing, and swap in full-res versions for final mastering.

User Feedback
"Magic Bullet Grinder is one of those products that users like me have been waiting to come on the market. Magic Bullet Grinder eats up your footage and spits it out into a usable Codec so fast that it has changed the way I work. While there are products that do similar things, the speed and simplicity of Magic Bullet Grinder along with the ability to create proxies at the same time is ideal for me as a professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
Philip Bloom, Filmmaker
“Not everyone has the time or inclination to get to grips with the finer points of compression settings. Magic Bullet Grinder solves that dilemma by doing all the thinking for you, providing a simple choice of file formats from a couple of drop down menus. This means that editors have more time to concentrate on what they do best... slicing up clips on the timeline!"
Simon Walker, Apple Certified Master Trainer for Final Cut Studio

Trial download from Red Giant Software

Buy Magic Bullet Grinder online at AV3 Software

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