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Magic Bullet Suite Returns Posted about 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Yesterday Red Giant renamed Color Suite back to Magic Bullet Suite. Check out this very cool short film made using tools that feature in the updated suite.

A statement by Aharon Rabinowitz explains the new (actually, old) name.

"A few years ago, to make it simpler to understand what Magic Bullet Suite does, we changed “Magic Bullet Suite” to “Color Suite.” Turns out it was a pretty bad idea.  No matter how much we tried to tell you it was Color Suite, you all kept calling it Magic Bullet Suite in your emails, phone calls, and web searches. So we’re bringing back the “Magic” in Magic Bullet – a name we (and clearly you) love and are glad to have."

Along with the renaming, Red Giant have also updated several products that are included in Magic Bullet Suite.

Magic Bullet Looks 3.0  – What’s New:

- New Preset Library: 198 brand new Looks presets, based on TV and Film, created by Stu Maschwitz

- New and improved UI with enhancements to Workflow and Custom Looks management

- Now able to rename/reorganize Custom Looks within the UI.

- Tools can be “Pinned” to the tool chain so that they remain on the toolchain when choosing new looks.

- Keyboard shortcuts have been implimented to lock the Looks and Tool Drawers open.

- 41 Tools: 9 New Tools including:

--- ColorSpace: Use this tool to identify what kind of footage you are using. Place this tool first in the Tool Chain to achieve the best looking results

--- Colorista: A powerful all-in-one 3-way color corrector, control over Hue, Saturation, and Luminance of individual colors, and a Curves control.

--- 4-Way Color: Ranged color correction for for Shadows, Midtones, Highlights, along with a Master color wheel that adjusts the whole image.

--- Shadows/Highlights: Region-based control over the brightness of shadows and highlights. Especially useful for recovering highlight detail, or adding fill light to shadows.

--- Lens Vignette: Add or remove vignetting. Results mimic real-world lenses, and you can optionally reposition the center of the vignette.

--- Duotone: Tint Shadows and Highlights with the colors of your choice.

--- Film Negative: Mimics the look of various film stocks. Best when used in conjunction with the Film Print tool found in the Post category.  22 Negative Film Stocks are included.

--- Film Print: Mimics the effect of printing film to various projection film stocks. Best when used in conjunction with the Film Negative tool found in the Camera category. 4 Print Stocks are included.

--- Mojo: Warms up skin tones while cooling the background. An easy way to get a customized “blockbuster” film look.

Colorista III - What's New:

- Streamlined User Interface: A simpler, yet very powerful experience, that makes color correction a lot easier – especially in the Adobe workflow.

- Open GL:  Colorista III has been rebuilt from scratch and now runs on the GPU – making it faster than ever before.

- Highlights: Region-based control over the brightness of highlights. Especially useful for recovering highlight detail. – Same as the tool in Looks.

- Shadows: Region-based control over the brightness of shadows. Especially useful for adding fill light to shadows.

- Vignette: Powered by Lens Vignette, this allows you to add vignetting to your image that mimics real-world lenses.

- Strength: Controls the overall strength of your effect.

- Host-Apps: Now Runs in FCPX and Motion, in addition to Premiere Pro and After Effects

NEW - Magic Bullet Film

- Gives your footage the look of real motion picture film.

- Chemistry: Magic Bullet Film emulates the entire photochemical process – from the original film negative, to color correction and lastly to the print stock.

- Stocks: Magic Bullet Film includes 22 Negative Stocks and 4 print stocks, giving you up to 88 cinematic combinations.

- Real Film: Magic Bullet Film is based on real film and the real color grading experience of an industry expert.

- Vintage/Modern: A simple slider makes it easy to give your footage a vintage color treatment, or to bring the colors into a more modern grade.

- In addition, Magic Bullet Film  provides accurate measured film grain and a full-proof vignette tool that always feels natural.

Mojo 2.0 and Cosmo 2.0 - What's New:

Both Mojo and Cosmo have received a performance boost due to the enabling of GPU acceleration

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