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Light Wrap Fantastic, New Plugin from Digital Anarchy Posted over 4 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Recently Digital Anarchy has released a new inexpensive standalone plugin called Light Wrap Fantastic, which makes green/blue screen compositing an easier task, and also makes your work look more realistic in FCP X, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Light Wrap Fantastic makes blending foreground and background elements less hassle by simulating the light that should come from the background.

“We’ve seen a lot of requests for a standalone Light Wrap plugin. Most editing apps have keying, but not Light Wrap.”, said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy. “It’s a subtle effect but it can make a huge difference in selling a green/blue screen shot. It’s built into our green screen plug-in so it was easy to break it out, perfect it and turn it into a separate plugin.”

Creating convincing green/blue screen composites has always been a difficult aspect for editors to get right. The Light Wrap Fantastic enables better composites by easily allowing users to blend the background with the foreground in such a way that it appears the light of the background is affecting the foreground. The plugin has all the controls you need to create a realistic light wrap making it a quick and easy process.

GPU acceleration allows the plugin to render HD and 4K footage quickly. It easily fits into whatever workflow you use when compositing with a variety of options and modes. This flexibility and speed make it the perfect choice for visual effects artists that need better compositing and don’t want to purchase an expensive package with tools they don’t need.

Features of The Light Wrap Fantastic:

- Easy compositing of green/blue screen images on a background
- Control every aspect of the light wrap within one plugin
- Fast Rendering using Your GPU
- Different modes for different workflows
- Use built-in masks to control where the light wrap appears              
- Works with all keying software: Keylight, UltraKey, Ultimatte, Primatte and more.
- Standalone plugin, no need to buy an expensive package with tools you don't need

Check out the full product details here

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