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Happy Halloween! Collection of Spooky Tutorials Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in Tutorials

Happy Halloween from AV3 Software!

To celebrate we've compiled a small collection of tutorials to satisfy your bloody needs. If you aren't dragged out to go trick or treating (hopefully with your children...not alone) then stay in and work on making some gruesome or scary vfx.

Burned Face

Create a burned face effect using After Effects and Photoshop, no plugins required for this one. You could go a step further and use this as a foundation to create a Dark Knight Two Face effect. No makeup required!

Demon Face Warp 

This tutorial is from no other than Andrew Kramer at Videocopilot, which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. Make a face warp into a scary demon. 

Ghost Effect

In this After Effects tutorial you can learn how to create an eery ghost effect. The shopping list is a bit extreme, but a similar effect could be acheived using lights you have around the house.

Demon Eyes 

This ones very short and simple to do, replace your human eyes with realistic "demon eyes". Much easier than tacky contact lenses and looks a whole lot better.

The Walking Dead Intro

Fans of The Walking Dead will enjoy following along with this one. Make an intro sequence in the Walking Dead style using still images and After Effects.Someone needs to make one for American Horror story, those intros are seriously creepy. 

Horror Photo Gallery

A cool photo gallery effect with gratuitous blood splatters. Awesome. 

Dark Energy

Not sure how Halloween appropriate this one is, but the tutorial creator labels it as "creepy", so I'll let you decide. Make a dark energy ball...thing. Looks cool so give it a go!

Flaming Face

A fairly simple yet impressive tutorial that shows you how to create a sinister flaming face on fire. You can apply this technique to do lots of other things so get creative with it!


That wraps up our favourite Halloween inspired After Effects tutorials. Hope you give them a go and show off your macabre creations

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