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Introducing Magic Bullet Colorista II (Colorista II), new color correction software that brings the professional power of high-end color systems directly to the desktop.

Colorista II User Interface

For the first time, users can perform professional color grading right in their favorite editing applications. Colorista II's easy-to-use interface is equally good for making quick adjustments on a deadline or finessing footage without limitations. Editors can utilize the 3-Way color wheels for easy adjustment of shadows, midtones and highlights; an incredible new keyer for isolating colors; a Pop control for adding or reducing visual clarity; two animatable Power Masks, and the new HSL control-an intuitive, visual method of adjusting individual colors. Whether you are a color expert or an aspiring colorist, Colorista II will redefine how you do color correction.

Colorista II Keyer

"When I created Colorista three years ago, there was no such thing as professional color correction on the desktop. Since then, some amazing color tools have become widely available. The problem is that they require you to change your workflow, learn a new application, and draw a firm line between the editorial and finishing phases of your production. With Colorista II, my goal was simple: put every ounce of professional color correction power right in your editing application of choice, so that you don't have to change a thing about your workflow to start using it," said Stu Maschwitz, Creative Director at Red Giant Software.

"What makes Colorista II so different from all the other color correction plug-ins out there is the ultimate control with primary and secondary tools that can't be found anywhere else. The user-friendly interface allows me to grab a color with the new HSL controls and manipulate its tint, saturation or brightness in a very intuitive way, by moving colorized controls that make sense to my eyes and to my senses as an artist," said Jack Tunnicliffe, Java Post Production.

"There has been no plug-in since Magic Bullet Looks that has suited my work so much. The combination of both Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Colorista II I helps to produce a signature style for my work," said George Schnyder, www.Schnydr.com.

Magic Bullet Colorista II Top Features

Powerful New Keyer

A powerful, easy-to-use keyer allows you to adjust individual colors or ranges of colors. Create color keys intuitively with a direct sampling interface. Soften, choke or invert the matte, and use it in conjunction with Power Masks for ultimate control.

8 HSL Channels

Getting memory colors looking right is crucial. You have three color adjustment controls for changing Hue, Saturation and Luminance across nine color ranges. Make your skies look blue and get your talents' skin just right.

Two Kinds of Pop

The Pop slider has two very cool uses. Give your image more visual 'pop' by increasing the sharpness. Alternately, set Pop to negative values to smooth and clean up skin tones while keeping important detail.

Highlight Recovery

Intelligently rebuilds blown-out highlight detail. Now you can save shots by hiding problems like blown-out areas in a sky or on an actor's face.

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