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Boris Continuum Complete AE 9.0.2 Update Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Boris have released an update for BCC 9 AE that brings a number of improvements to speed, support and functionality. The update is free to all version 9 users.

Take a look below.

Get BCC 9 AE here

Feature Enhancements in BCC AE 9.0.2:

- 4K support for effects in the 3D Objects category.

- 4K rendering now works with all BCC filters.  With 4k work, it's recommended that your GPU has at least 2GB of RAM for hardware accelerated filters.

- 16 bit and float rendering support for effects, as well as hardware antialiasing for improved edge quality  in the 3D Objects category.

- Chroma Key Studio workflow improvements

- View Current Matte – A fast way to see the matte with any combination of matte processing passes applied.

- View Matte Noise – useful option to preview the matte “status” which quickly identifies any incomplete areas of the key or print through issues in the foreground.

- You can now turn on and off the Chroma Key and/or Spill Suppression passes independently for a more simple setup.

- FX Browser UI enhancements

- Improved workspace management including greater accuracy when saving/restoring workspace set-ups.

- More detailed thumbnail previews of transitions and other filters effected by time – thumbnails now preview towards the effect midpoints for more realistic results.

- Enhanced timeline navigation.

- Improved window handling on Retina displays.

- Pan and Zoom - Action/Title Safe Guides improvements.

- Separate controls for enabling action and title safe guides separately.

- Option for 4:3 guides in 16:9 projects.

- Improved look with more subtle colors and drop shadows for better visibility.

- Improved Motion Tracker Data Import (including Mocha data).

- Tracker Time Offset control allows you to trim clips after they have been previously tracked without the need to redo the track.

- New “Use External Data” indicator makes workflow more efficient involving externally imported data such as from Mocha or from previous BCC tracker runs.

- Integrated Beat Reactor added to Stage Light and Laser Beam.

- New Smoke Radius control in Laser Beam.

- Improved default settings for Film Glow and Fast Film Glow.

- New presets added to many filters.

- Motion Blur is now integrated into Corner Pin

- Help Documentation refinements.

Watch this recently released video that explains the new default settings for Fast Film Glow and Film Glow in 9.0.2 

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