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BCC 9.0.5 Now Available for Avid and Adobe Posted over 4 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Boris Continuum Complete 9.0.5 is an important update for Avid and Adobe users and includes feature enhancements across the product as well as many bug fixes. This is a free update for all owners of BCC 9 AVX and AE.

Note: BCC is also compatible with Windows 10 now.

Avid users: This update includes a new option in the BCC Chroma Key Studio which offers control over the color processing for the matte edge. Additionally, the BCC Chroma Key Studio benefits from some under the hood streamlining, which results in improved performance.

Here's what's new and fixed in the Avid version: 

Feature Enhancements in BCC AVX 9.0.5:

- Chroma Key Studio enhancements
- Performance improvements
- New “Color from Cleaned Alpha” option enables an alternate color processing approach for edge regions.  This can reduce harsh colors that sometimes appear when Matte Cleanup or - -- Matte Choker tools are used to expand the matte.
- Drop Shadow parameters have extended ranges to allow more flexibility in results.

Bug Fixes In BCC AVX 9.0.5:

- Optical Stabilizer fails to analyze properly in green 10bit mode.
- MacOS 10.10.3 and higher – unable to select text characters in the text management page in Extruded Text or Type On Text.
- Mac – in effect editor mode (i.e. with Overlay widgets enabled) small squares appear in the composer window offset from the point pickers to which they belong.
- 3D Objects filters – instability when using the Smooth Edges option in 16bit.
- FX Browser stability.
- Black or garbage colors in the FX Browser when launched in green 10bit mode.
- Memory leak in the FX Browser when previews were composited over a background layer as opposed to over a checkboard or over black
- Fast Film Process stability on newer drivers.
- Pan and Zoom stability on Mac when opening a project with a missing external file link that points to a network folder.
- Motion Tracker stability when scrubbing the Tracker Time Offset.
- Extruded Text and Type on Text stability on Mac when when using certain fonts with modifiers like Bold or Italic if the OS is set to a language other than English.
- Mac installer – email field did not support long email addresses.
- Invert – Mix with Original slider not working in float projects.
- Chroma Key Studio – color pickers were incorrectly disabled when the Chroma Key group was turned off which made it awkward to resample the original screen color.
- Chroma Key Studio – When ALL parameter groups were disabled it rendered black or random frame data.
- Motion Tracker parameters and sometimes Motion Tracker analysis could be inadvertently reset after loading a filter preset.
- 3D Objects filters – rendered BCC messages now give more accurate guidance when applying to 4k or higher rez footage concerning how to properly configure the 4k BCC Preferences options.
- 3D Objects filters – rendered BCC messages about 4k options now reliably appear even in low rez previews to avoid messages appearing by surprise during final full rez renders.
- Mac main menu bar had incorrect entries when the BCC Preferences or Licensing window were open.
- Some transitions (including most of the Wipes) showed only static frames for the incoming clip when previewing inside the FX Browser.
- Fix failure to properly save BCC Preferences settings on Windows when closing and reopening Media Composer.

Adobe users: This update includes restored support for the BCC Beat Reactor filter – note that this fix requires the latest After Effects CC 2015 host update (V13.5.1). Click here to read the release notes. 

Here's what's new and fixed in the Adobe version:

Feature Enhancements in BCC AE 9.0.5:

- Restored support for the standalone Beat Reactor filter in AE CC 2015 – requires the latest AE CC 2015 host update (V13.5.1).

Bug Fixes In BCC AE 9.0.5:

- Standalone and Integrated FX Browser stability issues with BCC Match Grain presets.
- Laser Beam – Artifacts/Noise when motion blur feature is enabled.
- Laser Beam – Low Level error message reported in Premiere.
- Grunge – error messages when motion blur feature in Shake group is enabled.
- Grunge – unexpected transparency when bump map feature is enabled.
- Grunge – unexpected transparency when blur feature is enabled.
- Grunge – combination of spot light and bump map can produce flat/posterized colors.
- Lightning – strike mode not functioning.

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