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BCC 10.0.2 for Avid Released Posted over 2 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Last week an important update was released for the Avid version of Boris Continuum Complete.

BCC 10.0.2 includes several new features, speed enhancements and bug fixes.

  • General Enhancements:
    • Avid's separate Filter vs. Transition palettes in Media Composer 8.5+ is now supported, which allows a cleaner list of available transitions.
    • FX Browser - playback speed is faster with more rapid RAM buffering.
    • Large performance boost on QuadroFX cards in 16bit projects for OGL filters such as Lens Flare 3D.
    • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Filter Enhancements:
    • Witness Protection - simplified mocha tracking workflow with single click access to mocha for easy obscuration of multiple moving objects in a single effect instance.
    • Reframer - New Resample Quality menu to ensure access to highest quality resampling techniques when upscaling content by large amounts.
    • Extruded Spline, Extruded EPS, and Layer Deformer - 10% performance optimization.
    • Video Glitch - 24 new presets.
  • PixelChooser/mocha Enhancements:
    • mocha PixelChooser supports GPU accelerated tracking (OpenCL).
    • mocha PixelChooser now supports Avid's background rendering system.
    • mocha PixelChooser option to suppress the Low Resolution Warning Dialog until the next time the application is relaunched.
    • PixelChooser Matte Pre-Smoothing using OpenCL accelerated advanced edge-preserving smoothing routine which minimizes noise in a matte without over-softening critical image features.
  • Title Studio Enhancements:
    • Soft Cast Shadows
    • Depth of Field
    • Many new and improved presets
    • New Gradient styles
    • New Material styles
    • New Text styles
    • The timeline UI has an improved look
    • Numerous UI workflow refinements.
    • Installer now includes many pre-configured workspace layouts under the Window->Workspace menu.
    • New contextual control command in the timeline track to rescale all nested track's keyframes to align with the parent track.
    • Scale Anchor Point control
    • Support for importing Title Studio .blu files into existing Title Studio compositions to allow easily repurposing project sub-elements.
    • Gradients styles can now be applied to splines, primitives, and text runs. 
    • Infinite groundplane regardless of scale or zoom.
    • Wireframe camera instead of solid camera icon.

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