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Avid Media Composer Update Available Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Avid Media Composer v8.1 is now available, and for current users that have a subscription, floating or perpetual license, it's free to download.

We offer a number of plugins to enhance your productivity with Avid Media Composer, see them here.

This is Avid's first update for Media Composer 8 since its release three months ago, and they have introduced a great number of changes to further boost the functionality and efficiency of the software.

Here's a quick rundown of what's new

AAX-64 Plugin Support

Avid Media Composer now can use AAX-64 plugins, which are audio effects that can be applied to your tracks in your sequences. They work in realtime which allows you to play them back without the need for rendering.

RTAS plugins are no more, AAX-64 have replaced them. The majority of the old RTAS parameters are available in the new format. Media Composer now also has a delay to compensate for plugin processing which will put a stop to sync slipping.

Muting Individual Clips

You can now directly mute indivudual video and audio clips within the timeline. The muted clips can be edited just like any other non-muted, and will play back as filler.

Disabling Video Tracks

As with the audio muting, you can now disable individual video clips in the timeline. However no effects can be applied to the tracks while they are disabled.

Copying and Dragging Segments

Using the segment tool, you can move around copied segments into different positions in the timeline.

Fine-Tune Dragging

Holding down Shift while dragging the trim roller or a segment allows for movement fine-tuning.

Deselecting Filler Options

A new timeline setting has been introduced that provides you with the option to include or not include filler when using the segment tools.

End of Trim Indicators

Some useful white bracket indicators have been added to provde a visual representation on the timeline as to when your tracks run out of "material" to trim any further.

Extend Trim Click

Adding and removing trim rollers is now much less hassle, as now you can click anywhere in an adjoining segment while holding down the Shift key. You no longer have to click while near a transition.

Avid Image Sequencer

The Avid Image Sequencer plugin enables you to AMA Link to DPX files.

Mixdown Multiple Audio Tracks

Media Composer v8.1 now provides you with the means to create multiple audio mixes. You can map multiple inputs into multiple output channels and create up to 24 output channels for the mix.

Frame View Borders and Icons

An option is available to show border colors in Frame View based on either the object type or a customized clip color.

Export AMA MXF OP1a

Pretty self explanatory, the new version now supports AMA exporting of MXF OP1a media.

Place Saved Title in Timeline

You can automatically position a newly created title in the timeline so it appears between an In and/or Out mark.

AMA Media Associated with Projects

It is now possible for users to filter out AMA media within the Media Tool, as AMA clips are now associated with projects. There is an option to tick (AMA Master Clips) if you still would like AMA clips to appear in the Media Tool.

These are the most notable changes to appear in the new version, however you can see the full list in Avid's What's New? PDF

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