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After Effects CC 2014.1 (13.1) Coming Soon Posted over 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

In this major After Effects update there are a number of changes coming as well as a significant update to mocha AE.

Main features of AE CC 2014.1

high-DPI content and UI (Mac OS, Windows)

It's been a long time coming with many Adobe users being dissapointed with Windows and high-DPI scaling, things had been slightly improved in more recent months, but this appears to be the fix people have been calling for with scaling of both 150% and 200% available. After Effects can now take advantage of high-res screens without UI elements being miniscule.

Refreshed user interface design

A change done for aesthetics more than functionality, most aspects of the UI will remain the same

Copy With Relative Property Links command

Works like the existing Copy With Property Links command, except that it creates expressions that do not reference the source composition by name. This maintains a relative link between the layer with the expression and the composition containing that layer. 

Color management for Dynamic Link

When color management is turned on for an After Effects project, compositions viewed or rendered over Dynamic Link will be transformed using the HDTV (Rec. 709) color profile. This stops color or gamma shifts in the appearance of compositions in Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder.

Maxon Cinema 4D Lite R16 and Cineware 2.0

After Effects CC 2014.1 (13.1) includes a version 2.0 of the Cineware plug-in, which serves as the primary interface for integration with Cinema 4D. Read more about this here.

Along with these new features, Adobe CC 2014.1 (13.1) includes improved Adobe Anywhere for Video integration, Collect Files for Cinema 4D assets, native GoPro CineForm codecs, scripting improvements for text layers and improved Adobe Media Encoder watch folders

What's new in mocha AE CC 2014, based on mocha 4.0

New project-based structure: Project settings in mocha AE can now be modified - independently from the clip used to create the project. Choose File > Project Settings to modify the project settings. You can also now open a project file to view a layer’s content without relinking clips.

Anchor point removed from Adobe After Effects Transform Data: To reduce confusion about how to use the tracking results, mocha AE no longer exports anchor point data. If your intent is to stabilize instead of matching motion, enable the Invert option in the Export Tracking Data dialog box.

Keyboard shortcut customization: Keyboard shortcuts can now be customized for almost every tool, action and menu item in mocha AE.

Streamlined, high-DPI interface: The mocha AE interface has been updated to streamline the workflow, reduce interface clutter, and take advantage of Apple Retina displays on Mac OS X.

RED Dragon import: RED Dragon 6K footage can now be used in mocha AE.

Linear Controls behavior enhancements: When Linear Controls is enabled in Preferences > System, dragging anywhere inside a parameter’s value field will alter the value. Previously, this only worked when dragging over the number in the field. While dragging, you can now hold the Shift key to increase mouse sensitivity or hold the Command (Mac OS) or Control (Windows) key to decrease the mouse sensitivity.

Edge width subtraction: The Edge Properties panel now has buttons to both Subtract (-) or Add (+) edge width. 

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