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Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Update Posted almost 6 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in Software

In case you missed it, on June 18th Adobe released an update for all of the products in their Creative Cloud Suite.

So what's new? 

Mobile Apps New to Adobe CC 

For the first time tablets can now be seen as serious creative tools thanks to CC's addition of three new apps. Adobe Sketch for free-form drawing on the iPad, Adobe Line for accurate drawing and drafting. Lastly, Adobe Photoshop Mix, which brings a number of the processes from the desktop version of Photoshop to the iPad. The new Creative Cloud 2014 allows users to manage their files directly from their phones.

Main Updates to Desktop Apps

- Photoshop received some new features, including blur gallery motion effects that work to portray a sense of motion in your work. Another addition is the ability to alter the perspective of a certain selection of an image, without tampering with the near-by areas.

- Also new, portrait shots with shallow depth of field can be more distinct using Focus Mask, a much love feature further improved by the way of new Content-Aware abilities.

- As well as Lightroom now being available on the iPhone, extra camera support for version 5.5 has been implemented.

- A new feature to Adobe Illustrator is the addition of Live Shapes, these can be modified quickly and fully edited after you’ve drawn them. Along with this there are a number of significant changes to the pen tool to make work more efficient and provide greater control.

- Now with InDesign, digital books can be created with much more ease as a result of the new EPUB fixed layout. Furthermore, another practical change to increase speed of use is the ability to drag and drop to change the positions of rows and columns.

- Adobe Muse CC has been reconstructed to now be a native 64-bit app, high resolution display support has also been incorporated for overall better quality images, objects, and text.

- In Dreamweaver CC thanks to the added Element Quick View,  it’s now possible to see your markup in an interactive tree, which you can promptly manoeuvre through and edit the structure of pages via the HTML.

- Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro have had work done on them to add new features, as well as improving their compatibility with each other and to improve your workflow. Watch the video below for more on this, and continue to read on about the other changes and new features. 

After Effects CC

Keying effects - Protect small details when keying lower quality or compressed chromakey clips. The level of green spill remaining in a sequence can be modified by utilising the Advanced Spill Supressor.

Premiere Pro Live Text Templates - Compositions within After Effects can now be saved as Live Text templates which allow for modification of text within Premiere Pro, without tampering with the text color, motion or lower-third background.

Flexible Masking Options - Without the necessity for added adjustment layers or track mattes, effects can be placed on specific areas using masks, which can then each be blended one at a time into the original layer. Also using Dynamic Link, masks can be taken from Premiere Pro for more refinement.

Kuler Integration - Your compositions can now make use of any color themes made on your iPhone using the Kuler app by simply syncing yout swatches to make them available in After Effects.

Mercury Transmit - Now no extra hardware is needed to achieve full screen previews on a separate monitor to display your composites. Send them directly over interfaces such as your graphics card via HDMI.

Enhancements to Media Browser - Using Adobe Anywhere you can view and access all your media either locally or across a network, support for viewing complex media like P2 and XDCAM rather than nested folders has also been added.

Typekit Integration - Easily use fonts from Typekit in your AE projects.

Support for Panel Integration - Benefit from the developer community by using their created After Effects panels, to search for and install plug-ins, extensions and various other content.

For more information and details about new pricing, head over to the Adobe blog

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