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Adobe CC 2015 Plugin Compatibility Posted almost 5 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

We've put together a list of Adobe CC 2015 compatible plugins sorted by manufacturer, as well as noting any potential conflicts. Remember to not delete your old version of After Effects when updating.


Boris FX have already released an updated version of Boris Continuum Complete for Adobe CC 2015. Please update your software to v9.0.4

The update also brings with it a number of fixes and enhancements:

- Lens Flare 3D performance enhancements.
- Chroma Key performance enhancements and a new “Color from Cleaned Alpha” option that enable an alternate color processing approach for edge regions.
- Fast Film Process, Pan & Zoom, Motion Tracker stability.

Imagineer Systems

mocha Pro is also now compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2015, as long as you are running the current, latest release.


FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE Version 1.75, about to be released, are compatible. Mettle is now testing SkyBox and the earlier versions of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE.

Red Giant

The majority of Red Giant plugins are compatible with CC 2015 after a free update.


- PluralEyes: The PluralEyes Connector for Mac currently does not support CC 2015. Red Giant are currently working on this issue and will release an update soon. For a temporary workaround, see this post
- Image Lounge: In the 2015 release of After Effects CC, Image Lounge will render black frames, and the UI may not work properly. An update will be released shortly to address this issue

Re:Vision Effects

The following versions are required to work with Adobe CC 2015:

- RE:Flex v5.2
- RE:Match v1.4
- Twixtor v6.2, if you are using splines to guide tracking with Twixtor Pro.
- ReelSmart Motion Blur 5.2 if you are using splines to guide tracking with RSMB Pro.
- No special new versions of other products are needed to work with AE CC 2015.

Please note that RE:Vision Effects have stated:

While you need the current versions of the aforementioned products, you should also be aware that with After Effects there is a bug that does not allow two of any of the plug-ins from RE:Flex v5.2, RE:Match v1.4, Twixtor v6.2 or RSMB v5.2 to both be used on the same layer. If you need to do this, or have old projects that do this, then you will need to apply the first plug-in, pre-compose, then apply the second plug-in in a new composition, or continue to use AE CC 2014 instead.

This also affects use of their plug-ins with some other 3rd party vendors. If you see the error below, you will need to apply the two offending plug-ins in separate compositions:

After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry!
{Effect is I_MIX_GUID_DEPENDENCIES but did not call GuidMixIn in PreRender}

Re:Vision recommend that if you update to AE CC 2015, that you do so knowing of these limitations. This is a bug with After Effects and they hope to release a fix soon.  The plug-ins in their other product offerings should work just fine in AE CC 2015 without any caveats.

After Effects CC 2014 and RE:Flex v4
Due to an AE bug, the final release of AE CC 2014 breaks compatibility with RE:Flex v4. AE CC 2014.2 (v13.2) was released in Dec 2014 after the release of RE:Flex v5. There is a problem where frames are not properly rendered and updated appropriately. In order to use RE:Flex in AE CC 2014, you will need to upgrade to RE:Flex v5. Version 4 continues to work in AE CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC.

Trapcode Sound Keys

All Trapdcode plug-ins are compatible after a free update, with the exception of Sound Keys.

Todd Kopriva over at Adobe has said the following:

We have a bug in our API (application programming interface) for processing audio on the appropriate thread that prevents plug-ins like Trapcode Sound Keys from operating correctly.

This bug is our fault, not the fault of Trapcode or Red Giant. We have a fix in development now, and we are targeting a fix for next month (July 2015), after we have had a chance to fully implement and test the fix.

If you need to use Trapcode Sound Keys, we recommend running it in After Effects CC 2014 (13.2), saving the project, opening that project in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5), and then continuing to work in the new version. The bug only affects the phase of the plug-in’s operation when the audio is analyzed, so the data from this analysis can be used in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) with no problem.

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