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Added Host Compatibility for RE:Vision Effects Plugins Posted 9 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Good news for Baselight and Autodesk users! RE:Vision recently added more compatible hosts to some of their popular products.

Baselight Users:

The OFX versions of DEFlicker, DE:Noise, RSMB and RE:Match are now available for Baselight by Filmlight.

Note: If you use Baselight on the Mac and then send the project to a full Baselight Linux system to render, you will need to have a full license on the Software-Only or CONFORM station and at least a render-only license on the Baselight X remote render boxRE:Match Color and DEFlicker Auto-Levels also require Baselight 5.2.11675 and over for proper behavior.

Autodesk Products:
Flame, Flare and Flame assist users already enjoy native Sparks support for ReelSmart Motion Blur and Twixtor. Now DEFlickerDE:Noise and RE:Match are also available via Autodesk's new OFX plugin loader.

These products will load in the release version of Flame 2020. Flame 2019.2 may exhibit issues with popup labels so RE:Vision recommend updating to 2020. If you already have the Effections Plus v20 bundle these additional plugins will activate so you are all set!

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