Autopano Video 3 for Windows Kolor

Autopano Video 3 for Windows


Please Note: As of September 14th 2018, Autopano will no longer be updated

Autopano Video is the VR industry-leading video stitching software and lets you stitch several videos into a single one covering up a full sphere (360 x 180 degrees).


Virtual Reality technology has presented new challenges for storytellers and filmmakers. Stay ahead of the curve with the new features and functionality added to this brand new version of Autopano Video and bring creative ideas to life in VR.

By using our video-stitching software you will acquire a simple workflow to deliver 360° ready content to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and most of VR headsets. When talking about 360° video production, be aware that the stitching process is one of the most crucial part as noticeable stitching errors can pull people out of the immersive experience.

Timecode support

This new version supports timecode which allows videos from any genlocked rig to be directly imported into Autopano Video without the need to synchronize the videos again. On the export side of things, you can either choose your start time in the render box or pass-through the source timecodes. The burn-in function will also help you work with proxy files in post-processing.

Live preview

You can now preview the 360 video you’re working on in GoPro VR Player player, our free MacOS / Windows VR player. GoPro VR player is compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive and will allow you to preview your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video.


D.WARP is our answer to stitching issues. It is a parallax compensation algorithm. This means that computer vision automatically fixes the viewpoint differences between two videos. It goes beyond just fixing parallax, it also helps with synchronization issues and rolling shutter glitches. It will also allow to fix most of the stitching issues coming from your shots and this will dramatically reduce the time needed to fix stitching issues during post-production.


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Minimal configuration

  • Display: resolution of 1280x1024 minimum
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • 50 GB hard disk space
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • A recent graphics card with 512 Mb dedicated memory and up to date graphics drivers

AV3 Price : $608.00


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