Autopano Pro 4 for Windows Kolor

Autopano Pro 4 for Windows


Please Note: As of September 14th 2018, Autopano will no longer be updated

Free your creativity: panoramic photography becomes a hobbie for everyone with Autopano Pro software.


With Autopano Pro, the creation of panoramas becomes easy and at anyone's reach. Autopano Pro automatically detects and stitches your images to create awesome panoramas.

Not only easy to use, Autopano Pro is also at the cutting edge of technology: exclusive color and exposure correction system, automatic ghost remover, detection engine based on SIFT technology, real-time panorama editor and support for bracketted images to generate HDR panoramas.

Autopano Pro is dedicated to the general public (amateur photographers) and to professional photographers whishing to debut in panoramic photography. This software application is developed by Kolor, a world reference in image stitching.


Autopano Pro offers an intuitive and pleasant interface that highlights the colors of your panoramas. You can also organize the different tools to create your own software layout.



Autopano Pro uses the best image-stitching technology in the world to automatically stitch up to several thousands of photos. You can also take control of the stitching by adding manual links.


Autopano Pro automatically corrects the colors and exposure of your images. It can also apply fusion blending to bracketed images and create HDR panoramas.


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Minimal configuration

  • Operating system:
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Display: resolution of 1024x768 minimum
  • A recent graphics card with 512 Mb dedicated memory and up to date graphics drivers
  • Sufficient hard disk space depending on the size of your projects

AV3 Price : $100.49


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