Affiliate Programme

If you are a reseller, website, magazine, forum, blog or email newsletter, you have a relationship with customers in the Creative Media Industry that could return additional revenue and profit to your business.

We would very much like you to join our growing network of marketing partners!

AV3 is an intelligent sales concept designed to provide the creative community with a one stop shop where they can purchase all of their downloadable audio, video and 3D software, while protecting the integrity of your customer relationships.

We only sell downloadable software; we do not ship boxes or plastic which we believe is not very environmental – the customer downloads the software from our web site and then gets a license via an email usually within minutes.

The benefits to you?

There is no risk, minimal work and you can develop a significant additional source of profit for your business from downloadable software transactions that you would not normally get.

From time to time we will offer product specific promotions which will attract additional commission. We will tell you about these in advance through our regular newsletter.

Your customers will receive up to date information on software and plug-ins and super-fast access to products generating more sales.

AV3 can provide a significant source of additional funding. We pay for direct effectiveness – the more customers you direct to our store and the more they buy, the more you make.

How it works?

We provide you with everything you need to add AV3 links on your web site, magazine, forum, blog or email newsletter, as well as identifying codes for resellers who deal with customers personally.

We pay 8% commission on all products sold through our web store to customers directed to us by you, either from your website, via an e-mail, or verbally if you are a reseller and the customer uses your identifying code. This is the equivalent of a 20% manufacturer’s margin, as all transaction, support, credit and administration costs are covered by us!

Using our online reporting tool you can check what you have sold from your web browser at anytime. We then make commission payments directly to your bank account and provide key purchase data such as sale amount, IP, date and time, etc, monthly, based on the previous month’s transactions.

Please register with us as a user, tell us and we will discuss affiliate terms.

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