If you wish to send links or banners in your email, then you will need to follow the following steps.

Text Links

Using your email client enter the text you wish to send to your mail list.

Copy your affiliate link, found on your account management page.

Highlight the text you wish to link and then "insert a hyperlink using your email client. Paste your copied link, as the URL you wish to link to.

The text link should then be in the email.

Image Links

If you wish to link from an image in your email, and you would like to use one of the images from our site, then here is what to do.

Find the correct image and right click on it. Select copy image (NOT copy image location).

Paste the image into your email client, within an email you wish to send.

Copy your affiliate link from your account page. (You can do this by right clicking and selecting copy link location)

In your email client - highlight the image you pasted in by left clicking on it once.

Insert a hyperlink, and paste the affiliate link and okay.

You can then test the link by clicking it (You may need to ctrl+click or something else depnding upon your email client).

Deep Linking

If you wish to link to individual products or other pages in the site you can do.

You will need to make a change to the page url as following:

Linking to a product:

For example Knoll Light Factory


You will need to add you affiliate ID from your account page e.g. ?a=12345678 to the end of the URL, so it becomes


Be careful to ensure you include the question mark "?a="  as well as your affiliate ID.

You can then use this in a text or image link.

Linking to Manufacturer Landing pages

For example Red Giant Software


This URL already has a question mark in it ?, so we need to do something slightly different:

on the end add "&a=12345678"

So it becomes


You can then use this in a text or image link.

If you have any more questions, please do not hestiate to contact us by emailing marketing@av3software.com.

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