PolyChrome Transitions V2 CoreMelt

Coremelt PolyChrome Transitions V2


The only set of Transitions you'll need!

  • 57 advanced transition effects.
  • High precision dissolves and fades for 10bit color workflows.
  • Advanced curves control on all dissolves and fades.
  • Most transitions can be used as effects in all hosts.
  • Motion blur can be turned on and off quickly using global preferences.

PolyChrome Transitions™ V2 bundle includes:
• Delta V - Motion Transitions: 28 3D, layer, grunge and stylised transitions.
• TRX - Filmic and High Color Transitions: 27 specialised filmic transitions.

PolyChrome Transitions™ V2 is a collection of 55 transition effects to enhance your creative possibilities in FCP editing. All transitions render in high precision color for 10 bit online workflows for those working with footage from the RED camera or or other high color precision sources. Read our workflow papers on using CoreMelt tools to perform 10 bit online editing inside FCP.

Enhance your online editing workflow with new styles of transition, PolyChrome Transitions™ V2 is a complete range of grunge, filmic and stylised transitions for all types of edit.


PolyChrome Transitions™ V2 Features:
• Seven new plugins!
• Compositional transitions render with motion blur in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects
• Motion blur can be switched on or off for all plugins from the timeline using Global Preferences
• Most transitions are available as filters in Motion and After Effects
• Second Generation V Twin FX Engine, get more grunt...
• Graphical Multi-sliders gives enhanced effect controls


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple Motion

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5.4 ( or later)
G5 or Intel processor
CoreImage capable 128MB graphics card.
256MB graphics card required for HD rendering

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