Pantour Pro 2.5 for Mac Kolor

Pantour Pro 2.5 for Mac


Create interactive 360-degree virtual tours easily with Panotour Pro 2: 360° views, embedded sounds and videos, PDF files, pictures, websites...Share your virtual tours on all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones).


The piece of software Panotour Pro 2 allows users to create virtual tours of another kind. Indeed, this new version has been designed following three main principles: Pleasant, Simple, Responsive. Panotour Pro 2 offers maximum customization to your virtual tours.

The user can add a photo gallery, video content coming from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, a PDF document, a link toward an external website adding value and customization for each virtual tour created. You can also use Livepano which is a paid addon to merge videos with the still photographic content of the virtual tours to integrate for instance a restaurant owner greeting its customers.

The software eliminates programming tasks, by default the user will find at his disposal widgets, graphical themes, display modules (menu with thumbnails, categories) social networks sharing buttons. Virtual tours generated can be displayed using HTML 5 on all devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) responding to changing standards of the web. The use of the gyroscope brings an even more immersive user experience.

HTML5 Export

Everyone wants their virtual tours to work on any device. Panotour Pro 2 allows you to display your virtual tours anywhere thanks to the HTML5 format: computers, tablets, smartphones.


In addition to the HTML5 and Flash export format Panotour Pro offers widgets that allows to integrate new features and customized modules in your virtual tours.

Hotspots and Livepano addon

More action, more effects, more life in your hotspots. Embedded videos in your tours are a definite added value. With Livepano Addon, you have a powerful and astonishing tool in your hands.


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Minimal Configuration:        

  • Processor 1 GHz
  • RAM 2GB
  • Display resolution of 1024x768 minimum
  • Sufficient hard disk space depending on the size of the panoramas you will process

AV3 Price : $404.99


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