Livepano (Add-on for Panotour Pro 2) Kolor

Livepano (Add-on for Panotour Pro 2)


With Livepano, merge videos with the still photographic content of your virtual tours to integrate, for instance a restaurant owner greeting his customers, a sales representative speaking about his products.

Prerequisites to use Livepano

  1. Livepano is an addon for Panotour Pro 2 and cannot be used without it. 
  2. To use Livepano you also need an Autopano Pro or Giga (version 3 at least) license to generate .pano file.
  3. You need to buy the Livepano license with the same email address used to generate the license of Panotour Pro 2.


Livepano: the addon for Panotour Pro 2 that gives life to your virtual tours

With the Livepano addon for Panotour Pro 2, your virtual tours come to life! Insert one or more video zones within the photographic content: Livepano automatically places the videos above the background panorama and you can adjust its blending mask for the best possible inclusion quality.


Operating Systems:

AV3 Price : $201.99

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